Old Lucketts Store


George and I traveled to northern Virginia to visit Old Lucketts Store. Yep, THAT Lucketts you’ve seen in Country Living, Flea Market Decor, Southern Living and other magazines.


The drive there was quite picturesque; the Blue Ridge Mountain Range in the distance and the burbling Potomac.


Styled as “vintage hip,” Lucketts is full of unique treasures and antiques. 



Vintage Toys

Love the patina!

Love the patina!

The bounty sprawls out the door onto the store grounds with toys, lawn furniture, garden art, industrial finds and salvage. The hard part was deciding where to begin!

Garden Vendors

Garden Vendors

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Salvage

...and more Architectural Salvage

…and more Architectural Salvage


Need a bike to go with that statue?

Need a bike to go with that statue?

Rola Cola Bin with Original Bottles

Rola Cola Bin with Original Bottles


Brass Beds Galore

Brass Beds Galore


Treasure Alley


This is just what is available now. Can you imagine the annual Spring Market, with 170+ dealers and truckloads of great deals and finds? This year it will be held May 16-17. If you can’t make the event, they have an online store.  :) I hope to one day time it right and attend the Spring Fair. 

Hard to believe that there are less than two months of school left. The weather is warm and the flowers are sprouting.

Have a good week! – – Joanne

Crabtree Falls Under March Snow


Isn’t spring great? We just returned from a trip to northern Virginia to visit Old Lucketts Store. Yep, THAT Lucketts you’ve seen in Country Living, Flea Market Decor and Southern Living magazines. But, I wanted to share a few end-of-March photos from our recent stay in a tiny log cabin – which was precipitated by my sister’s desire for sunrise photographs of Crabtree Falls located in the George Washington National Forest, just after a snowfall. 

CRabtree Falls is somewhere up there!

Crabtree Falls is up there somewhere!

Crabtree Falls is considered the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi. We made the vertical climb in the summer heat, with multiple breaks to catch our breath about two years ago.

Crabtree Falls in the Summer

One of the five cascades at Crabtree Falls in the summer




Stairway to Heaven




Unfortunately, about two dozen deaths attributed to climbing on the rocks


Frozen Falls

Frozen Falls



Covered by snow, the trail was barely visible. I opted for sleeping in under a cozy quilt and warm pastry back at the cabin :)  while my intrepid sister forged on. 


I’ll share our Lucketts Store trip photos soon, so check back when you can. Have a good week ! – – Joanne

Tiny Log Cabin


Whether an advocate of downsizing, green living or just looking for a simpler way; there is a real interest in tiny homes.  George and I got a little taste of tiny as we were my sister’s guests to a teeny tiny log cabin near Crabtree Falls, Virginia in the George Washington National Forest.


cabin 1



The home, originally built around 1800 by one of Thomas Jefferson’s nephews, is an authentic Appalachian log cabin.


The cabin has been updated with a sleeping loft, kitchenette, bathroom and a gas stove placed over the original stone hearth for heat. There was no TV, internet or cell service. Forget GPS.






While appreciative of the movement, I can’t imagine a family living in such a tiny cabin. Creative storage would be a building plan must. Privacy issues need to be addressed. 

pull stair curtain closed for bathing privacy

pull stair curtain closed for privacy – yep, that’s a toilet on the other side of the wall


Living tiny for two days, very close to the Appalachian Trail, was absolutely beautiful and relaxing: crisp cold air, fresh snow, hiking trails, the sounds of the Tye River and Waterfall and cozy conversation by the fire.


I’m not sure if I could down-size at this point in my life :) Do you think you could live or raise a family in such a small space? It’s certainly an interesting concept.


 I hope to upload the hiking, river and waterfall images soon! 

Have a good week! – – Joanne


Dreaming of Warm Weather


So…like everyone else living on the US east coast, we had a few more school snow days.




So what’s one to do when cabin fever sets in? Take your mother out for some southern comfort food.


If one went by today’s forecast, one would think Spring must be just around the corner. 


source: wavy.com

And…Thursday’s forecast is back down to the low 30°F’s with a chance for snow. Like I said, crazy! I can not fathom Massachusetts’  total snowfall. Incomprehensible. I’m sure I am not the only one itching for Spring’s arrival in 16 days on March 20. Remind me when I complain of the heat in July. ;)

George and I will be my photographer sister’s guests at a 150-year-old cabin tucked in the low hills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend.  At least this snow should be pretty.  I knew there was a reason to learn how to quilt! We’ll definitely bring a few with us on the trip. Hopefully it won’t be too cold and we’ll get a nice portfolio of images.

Try to stay warm! – – Joanne  


Quilt #4 :: Chevron

Baby, it's cold outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Back to work this Monday. Due to a 4-6 inch sow-ice-snow combination, schools were closed all week. Sweats, TV binging, baked cookies and hot cocoa. Staying inside, trying to keep warm. I tackled another quilt project.


I’m starting to get the hang of these mathematical things.


But, I must admit, piecing the chevrons on a slant is not for the spatially impaired.  This one beat me up. ;)  Please don’t look too closely!


Crazy weather these days. Phoebe Darling awoke, so Dylann absconded with the quilt :) 


Have a good week! – – Joanne

Family Room: Upcycled Tables


I’ve been unsuccessfully looking for the “right” tables for our Family Room. Wouldn’t you know we had them under our noses the whole time! Both tables have sentimental value and fit our Family Room style perfectly.

Clearing out our in-law’s garage, we rescued an antique oak harvest table that had been used and abused as a garage workbench for many years. I fell in love with the oil stains, paint splatters, sawed down legs, and drilled out holes. I gave it a good scrubbing and a light sanding to get the grease, dirt and grit off.

Our new coffee table

. . . wonder how many memories are woven into these wood grains?

Just wanting a hint of color, a blue paint mixture left over from previous projects was added to the apron and legs and then roughly sanded off. This was followed with a coat of wax and a buffing. 

. . . viola! Our new coffee table

. . . viola! Our new coffee table

George scavenged our attic and came across my great grandmother Lola’s sewing cabinet. It had seen better days. After a thorough scrubbing and a light sanding, I stained the top with three coats of Minwax Red Mahogany and added three coats of Valspar’s Glass Tile paint to the cabinet. I finished up with a coat of wax and a buff.




I’m very happy with our “new” tables. Now, we just need to finish the fireplace surround, purchase an area rug, paint the trim . . . ;)

Have a good week! — Joanne