Another Horse Quilt or Never Say Never

Just completed a custom “wild horse romp” quilt. It’s my second one. 


I swore I’d never make another.


Too many teensy pieces .  .  . very time consuming . . . 


I said, “You’ll have to wait two months before I can start.” The prospective client said, “Thank you so much!” How could I not respond to such friendly enthusiasm?


It’s so worth the effort when you work with such a lovely client! Maureen wanted this quilt for her “little barn woman cave” and can’t wait to show it to her horse trainer daughter.  


We conversed online, shared ideas, discussed fabrics and preferences.  She talked about her border collies and white and brown spotted horse.  It has been such a nice experience; an invitation to visit was even offered!  This quilt has been tissued, wrapped and shipped off to Shelter Island. I left her a little surprise on the back.:) Hope it arrives today! 


Have a good week – – Joanne


Bannon O’Doul



Loyal friend.  Defender of the backyard. Charmer. Tag and tug of war playmate. Stalwart cancer care giver.  Jester. Green bean aficionado. Snoring champion. Enemy of squirrels. A gentleman.

Dearly missed. 

Crabtree Falls and the Brew Ridge Parkway

A much needed sojourn to the Blue Ridge Mountains was in order. Three days with no real plans – no internet and no mobiles – but pack extra quilts and plenty of wine and cheese.:) A last Winter hurrah. 

Day 1: Arriving in the afternoon, we puttered around the cabin located next to the rumbling Tye River. Dinner was a steaming pot of chili and cornbread washed down with 3-Buck Chuck wine and Coors beer while settling in with a Harry Potter DVD marathon.

Tye River. © 2016 AccuWeather.

Tye River. © 2016 AccuWeather.

Day 2: After a hardy breakfast a beautiful day was spent trekking up Crabtree Falls, finding evidence of ice and snow slush near the top. The falls are simply beautiful, but it was nice to come back to the cabin to the smell of slow cooker chicken fajitas after our 3-hour hike. It was unanimously decided: one should not eat Mexican without the compliment of margaritas.

Somber Warning

Somber Warning


My sister & Friend

Day 3: We hit the Brew Ridge Trail after consuming a late French toast brunch. Devil’s Backbone and Wild Wolf Brewing Companies were the day’s favorites. The brisk outdoor atmosphere, the smoky smell of brisket and fire pits made DB my personal favorite.  While the flight decks and brisket nachos at WW made my sister and George quite happy.

CrabtreeFalks_2016-fire pit

Toasty Toasts!

IMG_2075 (1)

Wild Wolf Flight Deck

Wild Wolf Flight Deck


Tuesday found us back to our realities; a prosecutor, a victim’s advocate, a retiree and teacher. Back to 5:30 am mornings and schedules. But it sure was fun while it lasted! Hmmm. Now where to go in the Spring? 
Have a good week! – – Joanne 

Ticking Trends & Zipper Pouches

The use of ticking for decorative purposes is not a recent trend. Seventy years ago, the American decorating original, Sister Parish, made use of ticking fabric evoking a “cozy old-money, part opulent, part hand-me-down, English country house aesthetic. “¹  

An online perusal attests that ticking featured décor has not diminished, but rather expanded. Reminiscent of a more humble time, the clean simple lines and color tones of cotton ticking inspires a modern-vintage lure without kitsch. 



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2015: A Pretty Good Year Afterall


2015. Hmmm. . .  It started with snow. A lot. We played rustic in a tiny cabin. In more snow.:)  My family was healthy. George retired. Summer was idyllic. I learned how to preserve blueberries. Concerned about cut-backs at work, I promoted an online shop featuring quilts and assorted vintage collectibles. Even with some fantastically hectic days, I was able to fulfill holiday orders on time. I acquired a new past-time; walking through a nearby maritime forest, which has proven to be quite restorative from the weekday rush.  All in all, it was a good year. . . And it ended with humid, 80°F (27°C) weather. The botanicals are very confused.

My 2015 year in photo review:

cabin 1

Crabtree Falls, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia


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Maritime Forest Bald Cypress Trail

George, Phoebe Darling and I hiked the Bald Cypress Trail in First Landing State Park during the quiet wee hours of a recent Saturday morning.


This trail lies inside an old maritime forest full of bald cypress swamps, lagoons, rare plants and wildlife. The Smithsonian Marine Station defines maritime forests as “narrow bands of forest that develop almost exclusively on stabilized back dunes of barrier islands, inland of primary dunes and scrub.” Maritime forests occur along the Atlantic coast of the United States.

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