DIY Simple Doll Wardrobe

Asked to donate an item to our school auction; I decided upon an 18″doll package. Some of the package items included a wooden doll bed, tiny wooden hangers and clothing. Looking for simple storage ideas for clothing and accessories; George and I combined several designs we found online. 

The clothing storage rack’s total size is 10″ deep by 18″ tall by 20″ wide. George cut 5 wood pieces: 2 tall tapered sides (I traced pattern shape on paper), a bottom, and 2 storage section wall sides which are 3″ tall.


  • 1 x 12 pine board
  • 1″ dowel rod
  • DIY chalk paint (Valspar Pink Blush sample) & sponge brushes
  • Minwax finishing wax & cotton cloth
  • vintage stickers found on Etsy

I’m so happy to finally drop everything off tomorrow. Oh! Just had to share. My sweet and youngest niece attended her first formal (junior ring dance) this past weekend. Her date is a friend since prekindergarten. Love her to pieces! 


Have a good week! – – Joanne


IKEA Hack: Doll Bed

Every teacher is asked to donate an item to our annual school auction. I decided upon donating an 18″ doll and accessories after finding the handmade school uniform made for my daughter’s A.G. doll. The package has grown. LOL.

Every doll needs a bed, right? IKEA’s solid pine Duktig bed fits 18″ dolls perfectly; but it is a little bland.

Three coats of chalk paint (using Valspar Baby Blush) and a thin coat of wax helped to transform the bed.

Vintage-inspired decals added that final touch. 

More cookies, please! This doll bed needs a mattress, a quilt, and a pillow and case. . .

. . .And pajamas, a robe and slippers. . .

. . .and of course, tiny wooden clothes hangers. My husband is making a matching clothing wardrobe rack. I think I’m done with this auction package. Have you ever gone overboard? Oh well, it’s worth it if this package brings a smile to a little one. 
Happy St. Pat’s Day and have a good week! – – Joanne

They Weren’t Saints. But…

I spent a cold snowy weekend having fun in Washington, DC celebrating a dear friend’s cancer survival and milestone birthday.  

Birthday Wish

It just happened to be a President’s Day weekend, too.  We spent a very cold day visiting some of the monuments honoring these flawed, but two great men: Washington and Lincoln.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, a stylized Egyptian obelisk imparting permanence and stability, is closed for repairs after a 2011 earthquake until 2019.

Lincoln Memorial

Building materials from many different states, symbolizing the nation’s reunification efforts after the Civil War, were used to construct the Lincoln Memorial.


Reflecting Pool

The Reflecting Pool at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial steps faces the Washington Monument.


If you look close, you can see where construction was halted in the bottom third of the monument due to the lack of funding, the Civil War and politics. Once resumed, a different stone was used. 

Embassy Row, Snow and a Toddy

I’m busy finalizing the package I’m donating to my school’s auction. It involves a vintage school uniform and is stirring nostalgic memories of my two girls. I hope to post images next week. Meanwhile, despite Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow, I hope everyone stays warm and dry.

Have a good week! — Joanne

Thanksgiving Fun 2017

Family met at my son-in-law and daughter’s home in a country setting. The 16-30 somethings were ridding dirt bikes and ATVs in the fields as the feast was cooking. Phffft! Us 50-60 somethings invented cool – these children ain’t seen nuttin’!

My daughter was nervous. I made it back safely. In one piece. I just didn’t tell her about the trees I almost ran into. 😀

I shut off the motor and got off. I *thought* the kick stand was down. Me and the bike did a slow-mo to the ground. Only my pride took took a hit. LOL. But, I still got “it!”

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! – – Joanne

It Was a Very Good Christmas

inis oirr_boat

Inis Oírr (Inisheer), the smallest of the three Aran Islands is about 3km (1.8miles) long and 2km (1.2miles) wide and has an approximate population of 250 people. Our travel to Inis Oírr involved a grand time vaulting the raucous troughs of the wild Atlantic. Many passengers crawled toward the tweendeck to sit in silent, stiff huddles; hands covering mouths. Our taking motion sickness prevention beforehand was a wise decision. 😉 Upon departing from the Doolin Pier, we sat topside enjoying the salt spray and wild 30-minute bronco ride. As the captain stated, “A good splash of holy water so be sure to bless yourself.”

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My Happy Place

I just realized that I’ve been quilting for three years.  I am currently working on two and have just completed quilt #31. I’ve educated myself by joining a modern quilt guild, attending conferences and sew-in days with friends. This from a woman who swore that she would NEVER try to quilt again after the very first fiasco. My schooling continues.

First Quilt, 9-Patch

Back in February, my friends and I flew to QuiltCon East 2017 , held in Savannah, Georgia for an opportunity to network, try out new tools, attend seminars and classes, purchase directly from vendors and to view award-winning modern quilts.  Our hotel overlooked the historic section which is quite lively at night; reminding me of a mini New Orleans with street musicians, alfresco dining, and people of all walks of life strolling (or dancing) with drinks in hand. 

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