Garage Laundry Nook: Part 1

Most older homes, like our 1969 home, do not have laundry or mud rooms. The washing machine and clothes dryer are located in the garage. Not only is there something unpalatable about the cohabitation of delicate whites, lawn mowers and furnaces; but our garage had become a hoarder’s nest. We do not park our cars in the garage, so the decision was made to create a low-budget laundry nook area. 

We researched low cost ways to incorporate appliances, lots of storage, a utility sink, clothes hampers and a wet hang drying area. All in a small space. Reality check: We were not searching for “home-decor magazine-quality” laundry room plans . . . our space is in the garage!😉 Plus, it had to be budget friendly. We found loads of inspiration online:


Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 4.28.56 PM


We decided to add one wall, creating a galley-like area. Over this past winter, supplies and materials were collected. My fav finds were from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore where we purchased cabinets and a sink. These items already marked low, were 50% off on New Year’s Day! Plus, the proceeds are given back to the community.  

Before we could build, we needed to purge. What an unholy mess. I’m almost too embarrassed to show you. But I believe in full disclosure.😀  We had recently repaired a pipe leak in the wall between our family room and garage. You can see that area located behind the washer.  



Now that we are ready to commence building, the heat index has been hovering between 101-109°F. Yikes! The first thing we did was add a wall. Here is our progress thus far (the lighting is not the best):



We still have a long way to go. But we’re starting to see progress. Stay tuned!

Have a good week! – – Joanne 

Garage Laundry Nook: Part 2

Budget White Kitchen Makeover – Part 4

Ever the procrastinator, I’m finally posting the long-overdue cost breakdown for this project.  We really do mean BUDGET white kitchen makeover.😉 I helped my sister make a wish list through browsing home magazines, bookmarked online sources and drawing amateur plans.  Then, we weeded it down to a realistic list.  Sweat equity from family and friends and ingenuity kept costs down to under $2,000.  I thought I’d break down some of the savings, expenses and share a few tips.

So here goes . . .

Inspiration: Both teachers, this was going to be our summer project. For months, my sister and I browsed home magazines and online sites. We saved inspiration to a Pinterest account. We gathered free or low-cost supply samples and viewed them in the morning/noon/evening lighting.  (You might change your mind after seeing your paint chips in a different light). Each paycheck, we purchased and stored supplies.  


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Grandaddy’s and Grandma’s House

My grandparent’s, John Glenn and Lillian, moved back to the States into this home after an Army career that took them all over the world. This would be the last home that John, known as Glenn, and Lillian would live in together. Their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren loved to visit them often. An opportunity arose and my sister had the option  to purchase my Grandparent’s home, having been out of the family’s purview for several years.

John Glenn & Lillian Mae

John Glenn & Lillian Mae

Built in 1919, the old girl was showing her age. Situated in Ocean View, in close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, she is an Arts and Crafts bungalow, with an additional bedroom added in the 1950’s.  Massive oak trees once shaded the house. She has gone through many changes over the years. 

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Pirates and Treasure Maps

Wasted away on the beach today; love the feeling of cool sand between the toes. Perfect day to photograph this little throw quilt that has finally used up the last of my (hard to find) Sarah Jane’s “Out to Sea” fabric line.  Pirates and treasure maps and booty. Adventurous “newspaper hat pirates” plotting to find a chest full of treasure.









Arrrrghhhh! Have a good week! – – Joanne

Another Horse Quilt or Never Say Never

Just completed a custom “wild horse romp” quilt. It’s my second one. 


I swore I’d never make another.


Too many teensy pieces .  .  . very time consuming . . . 


I said, “You’ll have to wait two months before I can start.” The prospective client said, “Thank you so much!” How could I not respond to such friendly enthusiasm?


It’s so worth the effort when you work with such a lovely client! Maureen wanted this quilt for her “little barn woman cave” and can’t wait to show it to her horse trainer daughter.  


We conversed online, shared ideas, discussed fabrics and preferences.  She talked about her border collies and white and brown spotted horse.  It has been such a nice experience; an invitation to visit was even offered!  This quilt has been tissued, wrapped and shipped off to Shelter Island. I left her a little surprise on the back.:) Hope it arrives today! 


Have a good week – – Joanne


Bannon O’Doul



Loyal friend.  Defender of the backyard. Charmer. Tag and tug of war playmate. Stalwart cancer care giver.  Jester. Green bean aficionado. Snoring champion. Enemy of squirrels. A gentleman.

Dearly missed.