Vintage Windows as Signs

When my sister started to restore our grandmother’s 100 year-old home, she kept a few of the vintage windows. My daughter was able to include a little piece of her Great Grandmother Lillian’s memory by using two of these windows as “signs” at her wedding reception. Love upcycling! They were a big hit.

printed love quotes or verses (found on Internet)
Sharpie paint pen
vintage window
paper towel
2 eye hook screws
rope (or jute, or small chain… for hanging)
raffia (optional)

1. Research the web for love or wedding quotes and verses for design inspiration.
2. Thoroughly wash old window(s). This is a husband job. 😀  Let dry.
3. Read paint pen directions before use.
4. There are two ways to write on the window pane. If you have a steady hand, write directly on pane – or – write the quote or verse on a piece of paper, then tape the paper under the glass and trace the verse letters.
5. Let paint dry.
6. Screw eye hooks to top of window. Tie rope, jute, or add chain to eye hooks for hanging purposes. I added a little raffia for decoration.

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