My Yard #2: Mysterious Lady

Many years ago, with my young daughters in tow, the three of us scoured a favorite salvage/antique warehouse for treasures.  We particularly liked this place because I did not have to worry about my girls rummaging through the piles of great stuff.  It was always an adventure. One lucky day, we found this awesome stone maiden wall planter.


She is about 18″ tall and is made of heavy stone in the art nouveau style from 1890-1910. The dealer said she was part of a salvage shipment from England. Our lady has traveled around our home, but we think the best place is under the wild jasmine vine.  In the spring, I trim back the vine so we can see her.  She has weathered extreme heat and snowy winters, been home to many a bird nest and sanctuary to a tiny lizard. I love her enigmatic Mona Lisa smile.  

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