Precious Works of Art

I will pack away Christmas with a melancholy sigh this weekend knowing that I’ll miss the magical feeling. Trimmings and ornaments will be carefully wrapped in tissue until next December, each with its own story and history.  My daughters, Dylann and Brianne (20-somethings), tease me about some of my most precious keepsakes – the many ornaments made by them over the years. I absolutely cherish and proudly place them on our tree each year. I tell them to wait until they’re parents and they’ll see how precious these works of art become.


In prekindergarten and kindergarten, painted egg carton and red ribbon bells along with a large glue, glitter and Q-tip snowflake graced our tree.


The preciously smudged popsicle sticks and poster board nativity, construction paper choir angels, papier-maĉhé soldier and styrofoam snowman were made  by them between first and fourth grades. It just makes me smile to look at them….


While studying abroad in Andalusia Spain, missing an American Christmas at home, my daughter sent us this bead and wire Christmas star.  Again, it was hung with great care on the tree.


Hope everyone had a great holiday – whichever one you celebrate!

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