Cream Top Spoon

I haven’t posted lately due to the ‘sick bug’ that hit my family. Pretty nasty stuff. But we’re all back to work and life. Just added a few new items to Etsy, but I have a favorite. A wee cream top spoon, isn’t it funny how the littlest things can make us smile, feel warm?


This spoon is embossed with the (evidently rare) individual dairy’s name, “Sheffield Farms”. So what is a cream top spoon? A little sleuthing and I found that Cream Top spoons were manufactured in the 1920’s and used before homogenization. When the cream rose up inside the Cream Top milk bottle neck, a special spoon or separator could be used to close off the neck between the cream and the milk. This allowed the cream to be poured out of the bottle and the milk to remain. The separator was not intended to spoon out the cream as many people think. — The lamb was part of my great-grandmother’s nativity. I thought they went well together.

I find it fascinating to hold a piece of history in my hands. Where was it manufactured? What is it? Who used it? What journey did it take to end up in my hands? … And where will it go next?

Have a great day! Stay well.


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