Junking Day-Trip Find

I spent a very pleasant Saturday junking with my eighty-year-old mother.  We found a fantastic dumpy junk store, where we spent hours combing through what some might call absolute junk.  My mom is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to identifying vintage items. She always has a story or comment that starts out, “My daddy would use this to …” or “My goodness, momma had one of these“.  It was a grand time and of course, because food is always involved, we enjoyed a fantastic deli lunch.

Rummaging around in an old box I found very nice vintage industrial cobbler and tack hammers and an ice pick (?) that I will use as an awl punch. Love the nice rich patina and rust.  Already have projects planned that will put them to good use.


I’m a sucker for wood boxes and drawers. So, of course, I picked up a few vintage sewing trestle boxes for future projects and storage.

sew boxes

I got a real bargain in a wooden  two-drawer desk caddy/shelf.  I am going to practice my milk painting skills on this piece. (See finished project here).


But the absolute best find of the day was an early 1900’s oak sewing trestle table; complete with wood casters, iron spin wheel and four working drawers.  I can’t wait to put this baby to good use. I plan to turn un-used closet space into a sewing nook.

sew table2

Have a good day! — Joanne


2 thoughts on “Junking Day-Trip Find

    1. I believe the middle tool is a vintage ice pick. I was drawn to the wood and metal handle. I don’t plan to use it in the kitchen though; just to punch holes in things. The others are chasing and riveting hammers. I want to smash old spoons flat and tap in tiny brass brads. Hmmmm. Seems like these tools will help relieve stress, LOL.

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