This Breakfront Desk/Cabinet Needs TLC

Sometimes I troll Craigslist to look for interesting treasures. Well, I found a doozy: a 1940’s mahogany breakfront secretary desk/china cabinet with four lattice fretwork doors and four drawers (one being the desk). It was offered at an unbelievable price. The owner was very upfront: the veneer was warped along the bottom edges, had scratches and it was missing two drawer pulls. It def needed some TLC. But, I can’t pass up a bargain.


When my friend and I arrived to pick it up, the owner cut the sale price in half. Awesome!


I plan to remedy the veneer issues and replace the missing drawer pulls. I’ll prob have to paint the piece. If you have any other ideas – PLEASE pass them along! Right now it is sitting in my dining room taking up a LOT of space. Can’t wait for my guy to return from his business trip to see what I’ve been up to!

Have a good week! – Joanne


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