My Workspace: Phase #1 (Closet Demolition)

  I am the technology coordinator/curriculum design resource at a PK3-8 school, but many years before I taught art for 20+ years. I studied art. I’ve visited museums in Andulasia, Athens, Italy, Paris and on my home turf. I dream art. BUT I NEVER HAD A WORKSPACE TO CREATE!!! So…after months of stalking Pinterest and re-configuring layout and maximum storage for a small space, my Dream Workspace is starting to become a reality.  I am so, so, so excited!

 This room has held many memories. It was my daughter’s nursery when we first moved in and has been a “college-break room” and a guest room. It really is very small: 9 feet by 12 feet.  I need this new repurposed closet workspace to be efficient and affordable.

You’ve got to start somewhere. I boxed and moved everything to one corner or the other to make room for the closet demolition. WHAT A COLOSSAL MESS. This re-purposed space will be the sewing nook.





My husband removed mirrored sliding doors, shelving, the hanging rod, patched holes and will add wiring.


closet-paintOnce demo was complete, I painted the closet with left over creamy yellow satin enamel I had on hand.  My husband used wood left over from a previous job to cut a set of shelves for fabric and storage and I painted them a clean white enamel ($15 USD).

I want to incorporate my vintage sewing table into the space just below the shelving. My husband cut a “U” shaped piece of plywood (again, on hand) which I stained golden oak ($4 USD).  Once dry, we will slide the vintage sewing table into the “U” opening for a larger work area.  So, this past weekend we spent a total of $19 USD. 

Not a bad start. I can’t wait until this area has been completed. I’ll be sure to post after images.

Have a good week – – Joanne

My Workspace: Phase #2 (Sew Nook)

Craftroom – aka – Art Dream Workspace 


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