Pallet Picking Fun

My daughter, Brianne, my husband, George and I grabbed our boots and gloves last Saturday morning. We were going pallet-picking. Our first stop was to check out a construction site that used wooden portable crossing for low-bearing soil. Although it was an awesome sight to behold, it was a NO GO. George said that they looked to be treated – *sigh* – not something we wanted to bring into our homes.

Brianne & Portable Crossing Pallets
Brianne & Portable Crossing Pallets

We turned to Craigslist and found pallets at a church construction site. Amazing how fast news travels; there was a waiting line of trucks when we got there! But, there was plenty go around, everyone was in a good mood and we all helped each other.

A little buggy and dirty, we scrubbed them down at an outdoor car wash.

"At the car wash!"
“At the car wash!”


Next, we cut them into lengths and then pulled out nails. Ugh! What a job!



The 1st BIG PLAN is to construct a kitchen island for Brianne’s tiny storage deprived kitchen. Will def post photos of this completed project soon.

Question: Should we stain it, paint it or just clear coat it? The wood is rough, we’ll need to do something.

Have a good weekend! — Joanne

Part 2: Pallet Project: Kitchen Island/Work Table

9 thoughts on “Pallet Picking Fun

  1. I have 3 (all different sizes) pallets that my husband found for me. I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with them yet. I’m really looking forward to see how your creations turn out for some inspiration! 🙂

  2. Got my wood together yesterday, starting to build today. This will be for my granddaughter kitchen for storage on bottom shelf and work area on top. Trying to decide what to coat it with. I don’t want it to be shiny but to keep water stains off.

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