My Workspace: Phase #2 (Sew Nook)


The cutting, sanding, painting, shelf and sewing table installation into the “used-to-be-closet” is just about complete. I used paint I already had on the walls and ceiling to prepare the space. (More on demolition here).

sn-full view

Loose junk is hidden away in a vintage oak slat picnic basket (collecting these is a guilty habit).  A variety of mason jars hold buttons. Fabrics are kept in see-through baskets (Garden Ridge).  The thread rack (Wal-Mart) and piece of scrap peg board  for my sewing tools were spray painted to match.


sn-thread rack

sn-peg rack

 A dowel was added to each end of the small shelf to hold ribbons.


One of my many March birthday surprises from my husband was a new Ott task light. Love. It.  Another husband surprise was two vintage chairs – one for the sewing table and the other at my desk. Both need new seat cushions — my next project. 🙂

My ABSOLUTE FAV thing is how George was able to create a matching “u-shaped” table top to fit around my vintage sewing table. It adds extra workspace.  It’s really hard to tell where each table begins and ends in the photo.

sn-tabel close up

It’s still a work in progress. I need to organize and gather up the rest of my sewing supplies and go through/weed out fabrics. George needs to complete the wiring. But I am HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY.

I can’t wait to show off the rest of my new Dream Space.

Have a good week! – – Joanne

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