Sweat Equity Chairs

The original cane seats were long gone when my husband found these two Victorian cane chairs in an old barn at Holly Hill Farm.

vic chair - barn2

A quick light sanding and stain, a new wood seat and a chair pad was the plan. *SIGH*


Let the sweat equity begin! White oil-based paint was revealed when I began to sand the first chair. After hours of laborious sanding, I rubbed two coats of golden oak stain followed by a clear coat on each chair.

vicchair-sand 1-2


George cut two plywood seats from wood we had.

vicchair-sand 2-2

Years ago (durig my rose phase 😉 ) I bought a roll of fabric at a “going out of business” sale. While not my favorite choice for this project, I was trying to be thrifty.

I stapled padding and the fabric to the new wood seats.

vicchair-pad-close top2

vicchair-pad side2

After a little research, I came to appreciate that these are handmade Victorian walnut cane seat chairs. There are no nail or screw holes –  wood plugs hold them together. If you look hard, you can see minor differences in scale, measurement and placement on the chair spindle turns.

vicchair-pad side plug2

I think these little Victorian chairs will do nicely as sewing and desk chairs. What do you think?

Have a great day! – – Joanne


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