My Daughters Inspire Me – Happy Mom’s Day!!!

Bri-Dyl 2010 R4LI couldn’t wait for my daughters’ to say, “Mamma” or take their very first step. Before I knew it, we were purchasing lunchboxes for the first day of kindergarten and then I was sending them off to college. I ran behind their bike on their first solo ride and couldn’t go to sleep until I heard the car pulling safely into the driveway on weekend nights. I dried their tears when they argued with their ‘best-est’ friend and chatted about their first crush. There was the first lost tooth, first sleep over, pierced ears, braces, first dance. Prom. Marriage. It may seem trite to some, but time truly does fly – whether we wish it to or not.



My daughters are hilariously funny, too adventurous, sometimes too serious, very creative, but mostly my inspiration. Both are cancer survivors. I am VERY PROUD to be the mother of these two lovely young ladies, my DAUGHTERS.


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