“Box-and-Assemble” Counter-Height Stool Update

As I am finishing up my Dream Workspace,

I decided to splurge on four counter-height stools for the work table.


Well, inexpensive “box-and-assemble” stools that is – – as in “Tar-Jay”.


Didn’t like the blah upholstery, so I updated the seats with fabric I have on hand.

I was tempted, but decided not to paint the metal parts.



Step 1

The chair, hardware and Allen wrench come in the box.

You’ll also need an electric staple gun, fabric, pen and scissors.


Step 2

Remove the metal frame from the seat.  

Measure the seat circumference, adding another three inches, and cut the fabric.



Steps 3-4

I stapled the four opposite sides, pulling fabric taught.

Then, I added four more staples in between, continuing to pull fabric taught.


Steps 5-6

Continue stapling, pulling fabric taught as you go.

Re-attach metal seat frame.



Step 7

Assemble chair, following included instructions.


Viola! That’s all there is to it!




Not bad for a “box and assemble” counter-height stool!


Have a great week! – –  Joanne



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