Weekend Finds: Show Ribbons, Tool Bin, Settle Bench Shelf

Had a great time traipsing through junk and thrift stores this weekend with my better half. We found a lot of cool things.

 * * *

Couldn’t pass up this little ‘settle bench’ shelf/drawer.  

 mail front-horseribbon-settleshelf2


I’m thinking that it’d make a sweet ‘washi tape’ organizer by placing a piece of dowel rod across each of the three curves.

 * * *

Hmmm. What can I do with horse show ribbons?

If you have any ideas I’d love to hear from you. I picked up several.


mail front-horseribbon-settleshelf3


Wonder who ‘Lady’ was? Obviously she was someone’s beloved  horse who placed fourth in 1966 –  almost 50 years ago! Love the rosette medallion.

 mail front-horseribbon-settleshelf4


* * *

Not sure what the intended use was for this handmade solid wood cubbie bin. 

Was it a mail sorter? Probably a tool bin.

The name plates are long removed.

mail front-horseribbon-settleshelf

Ribbon wheels, fabric squares, small craft paints would fit nicely

inside the 12 cubbies, don’t you think?


mail front-horseribbon-settleshelf2b


I don’t think the drippy duck egg blue paint or the exposed wood detracts. 

Its rustic-ness actually looks warm.  

* * *

Looking forward to an upcoming weekend junk trip get-away in June. Can’t wait!


Have a great week! – – Joanne


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