Pallet + Plywood Workspace Table

I absolutely love my new counter-height workspace table.


This workspace table is made of pallets, better grade plywood and 4×4 posts. We found the pallets on an earlier expedition (see Pallet Pickin’ Fun) and purchased the rest at our friendly Lowe’s.


The plywood top edges were routed and then stained medium oak. Three layers of clear acrylic went on, sanding between each coat.

wtable_stain sand


My husband cut the table apron from the left over plywood.

I went over the legs and apron with my own chalk paint wash recipe; and then with a dark wax. Two layers of clear acrylic went on the pallet under shelf.

wtable_pallet shelf close 

The table top measures 3′ wide × 5′ long – plenty of room for my daughters, niece, sisters or mom to join in on the creating fun.


wtable_done chairs 

I’m so excited! My Dream Art Workspace is taking shape. I didn’t realize how much junk I have to unpack and to organize.  I’ll post photos soon.

Have a great week! — Joanne

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