Soda Can Angel

soda can angel frontb

Looking through blogs, I found lots of inspiration (One Lucky Day and Indestructibleson how to repurpose my saved soda cans and scrap pallet left over from building two tables (see Pallet + Plywood Workspace Table and Pallet Project:  Kitchen Island/Worktable here).  Using supplies I had on hand, my main goal was to construct layered wings by recycling soda cans and somehow attach my completed piece to a pallet scrap.

* * *


soda can angel supplies

scrap pallet piece & soda cans

music sheet paper

metal clock gears embellishments

imperial crown embellishment

small dresser handle

costume brooch


scrap tulle

lace scrap



modpodge glue


small screw & Phillips screw driver

* * *

I cut out the wings and then rubbed gilt on the edges and set them aside. Sorry this close-up is a little blurry. 😦  Would you believe that I was able to cut the soda cans using scissors; the cans are that thin!

soda can angel close


I modpodged a 3″ wide x 6″ long sheet of music to the lower half of a 3.5″ wide x 8″ long pallet scrap. I stapled a snippet of tulle over the music sheet.A small dresser handle with costume beads and brooch attached was placed over the wings,  then secured to the wood with a small screw.

soda can angel long

The clock gears and metal imperial crown were glued to the pallet scrap using E-6000 (ewwww) glue. Stinks. Use ventilation!

soda can angel side

This was a fun project and I was happy to use up scraps and recycle! Looking for more soda can ideas…. 

soda can angel frontb

* * *

Hmmmm. We sure do drink a lot of soda around here.

Have a great week! — Joanne

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