Architectural Wall Art

I love trips to Caravati’s Inc. Architectural Salvage in Richmond, Virginia.

Last fall, I bought these wonderful wood “bull’s eye” window trim blocks – just knowing I’d find a use for them.

Source: Caravati's Inc., Architectural Salvage. Richmond, Virginia

Source: Caravati’s Inc. Architectural Salvage, Richmond, Virginia

My husband cut a thin sheet of plywood 16″ x 16″ for the backing.

I glued each block into a color-pleasing diamond design onto the plywood.

Then, I put wood screws up through the bottom of the plywood into each block for added security.



Instant wall art!

Have a great week! – – Joanne


4 thoughts on “Architectural Wall Art

    1. Yes! I picked it up today from my school. It’s been hectic here: I was out-of-town, celebrating family bdays, 4th July, house guests coming and going… Look for a post soon 🙂 I. LOVE. IT. Thank you so much 🙂

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