It’s Here! Thank You Old Pearly Jenkins!

It’s here!

Just like Christmas in July!

Who knew that a simple little comment would lead to a new friendship and other great things?


I visit Old Pearly Jenkins quite often to see what Down Under is up to. A recent post on a newly slip covered chair (Thanks, Nanny B!) caught my eye for several reasons.


(1) The TITLE

When my oldest married in October, I not only gained a son-in-law, but a lively 8-year-old grandson! After quite a lot of deliberation Connor decided my new name was ‘Nanny B.’

Bryce & Connor playing with (eeew) hermit crabs
Bryce & Connor playing with (eeew) hermit crabs


I am constantly looking at renewing, repurposing and reusing ideas in DIY Land. Love that this slip cover was made out of $5.00 Ikea blankets.

(3) The PILLOW

Whether it is a French bulldog or a Boston terrier – don’t care. It reminded me of my two terrors, Phoebe Darling and Bannon O’Doul’s (yep, the non-beer). The face looks just like our mischievous Phoebe and Douley – there is no off button for them.

source: Old Pearly Jenkins
source: Old Pearly Jenkins


We’ve been crazy busy for these past few weeks.

Family - got to love 'em!
Family – got to love ’em!

Visiting nieces and nephews, celebrating July 4th, and family birthdays.

Reid: 12 going on 20!
Reid: 12 going on 20! First girl/boy pool par-tay!

As soon as my guests depart, I am running up to Hancock Fabrics to purchase a pillow form.Β  I’ll be sure to post a photo of this pillow’s new home soon. Isn’t the Internet amazing? I now have a new friend, Tanya, from Down Under. πŸ™‚

Have a great week! – – Joanne


4 thoughts on “It’s Here! Thank You Old Pearly Jenkins!

  1. Hi nanny B here. When you get the chance check out look at houzz guides : 12 ways to decorate for less. By Laura Gaskill. It is the very last photo that you are going to love. Cheers from a sunny winter Brisbane morning.

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