Dylann the Villain, Artist

As usual, I was looking for one thing and became distracted by another. 😉

This “other” was a painting by my youngest, Dylann. As I looked around, I saw her influence everywhere – and it made me happy with a smile. As I’ve posted before; my daughters are talented young ladies. Today I hope you’ll indulge me as I wish to share a few of Miss Dylann the Villain’s (aka Dyl Pickle, Pick) works.

Always loved the texture and soothing colors of this misty Crystal the Cat painting.


Dylann outlined the sketch with white glue then added chalk and water colors.  Dylann was only nine, but she caught Crystal’s essence perfectly.

crystal close

When she was 15, she surprised me on Mother’s Day with my portrait.


I was pretty blond back then (with my dark eyebrows) LOL. 🙂

She nailed my eyes and mouth well.

face eyes

face lips

Again, love the soothing background colors and the way hair blends in to blue. 

face bkgrnd

I keep this little whimsical clay face in the Art Dreamspace.

clay face

Another clay piece, this thrown bowl, sits on the TV room bookshelf.


She recently completed a bright lap quilt.


This from a girl who NEVER sews.

She chose the log cabin pattern and jewel tone fabrics.

quilt detail

Not perfect, but not bad either for a first-timer.

Just like any proud mom; I could go on with a long-g-g list of her accomplishments. But these are my favorites.

I just KNOW you have precious favorite works of art by your children, right? Why not share? I know I’d love to see them!

Have a good week! – – Joanne


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