Vintage Window Memento & Photo Display

There are so many great uses for vintage windows on Pinterest. I was looking online for photo and memento display ideas and a way to use my old three-pane window. DIY-ers have used twine, clothespins, cup hooks or wire to display their treasures.


Sources: (clock-wise, top left)
Indulgy, Pinterest, Rusty Rooster Vintage, The Painted Home


I cleaned and oiled my window. I sewed muslin “sleeves” to cover the picture frame hanging wire. I knew just the right spot to hang this window display: my Dream Art Workspace! The window hangs on a clover hook that I’ve had lying about for years in my toolbox.




I attached my old family photos and treasures to the back of the window glass with acid-free photo-safe tape.




I like that I can re-arrange the display easily. This go-around, I used Lillian Mae’s  and John Glenn’s (my grandparents), Joan and Marguerite (my mom and aunt), Bobby (my brother), Brianne and Dylann (my girls), Phoebe Darling (pup) and Saw Man and myself images.


A 1947 London jacket patch, Joan & Marguerite (my mom & aunt), Bobby (my deceased brother), Phoebe Darling (pup), Brianne & Dylann (my girls) and myself


 I am very happy with my quick project.


Lillian Mae (my grandmother), my siblings and a family shot
Lillian Mae (my grandmother), a 1910 birthday card, my siblings and a family shot


I have a collection of vintage windows – think I’ll make my sisters a display of their own 🙂


Have a good week! – – Joanne



One thought on “Vintage Window Memento & Photo Display

  1. I love displaying heirlooms and other items out, instead of having it all boxed up. This looks amazing! (I’m still trying to figure out what to do with an old postcard collection my grandma gave me.)

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