Pallet Wood Craft Paint Organizer


My craft paint supply had outgrown the vintage soda crate they were stored in. Plus, I work in a very small room and I needed to regain precious shelf space.

.Paint Shelfold


A cheap space saving organizer was needed. I like cheap; but no cost is even better! Left over paint, pallet and bead board scraps were used to build a larger organizer.


Paint Shelf


Pallet strips left over from other projects (Pallet Kitchen Island Worktable and Pallet + Plywood Workspace Table) were used to build a “frame” and a sheet of bead board (Half-bath Remodel) was used as backing. Two more pieces of pallet were used for the inner shelves. To hold it all in, a thin strip of finishing wood was added to the front of each shelf. To tie the woods together, MMS Luckett’s Green Milk Paint was dry-brushed over the organizer. Kind of looks like a rough and rustic, overgrown spice rack. 😉

Space saving, cheap and precious shelf space regained!

Have a good week! – – Joanne

7 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Craft Paint Organizer

  1. ooh – I love this. And it WOULD work for a spice rack (our kitchen is very small and space is at a premium). I could hang it inside one of the cabinet doors. Now to get hubby busy making one! 😆

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