No-Sew* Batgirl Costume

Holy Batgirl!

My niece wanted to be “Batgirl” for Halloween . I know, I know; it is after Halloween night and I am SICK of candy! 😛




But Batgirl is cool. She’s the 1967 vintage superheroine, Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon. She rides a Batbike AND is a master of martial arts. Yes, cool.


Source: Batgirl, Yvonne Craig (c)1967
Source: Batgirl, Yvonne Craig (c)1967


So, after looking around on Pinterest we came up with a no-sew* (well … practically no sew) plan. This costume was so simple and cheap (under $10 USD)!





2 yds. 36″ wide black tulle

2 yds. 36″ wide Yellow tulle

Black felt square

Yellow felt square

Thrift store black T-shirt

Black mask

Wide elastic (had)

Black gloves (had)

Black boots (had)


We measured, cut a piece of elastic to fit around her waist and then stitched the ends together. That was the only sewing! Next, we folded the 36″ wide tulle in half, then cut 4″ wide strips from both colors. The strips, still folded in half were looped around the elastic waist band, alternating with yellow and then black.




We printed a computer-generated icon bat image to use as a template for the black felt. the black felt had a peel-off backing (awesome) and we placed it upon the yellow felt; which in turn was pinned to a thrift store T-shirt. The mask came from the $1 Store. Black leggings and old gloves completed the costume.

So what did you wear on the Spooky Night?

Have a good week ! – – Joanne

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