Craft Room -aka – Art Dream Workspace



Come in to my workroom dubbed Art Dream Workspace. It’s a dream that is now a reality. Oh, more still needs to be done (curtains, more storage, etc.) but I am ecstatic!

Where to begin?


The two biggest priorities were that family could spend time together in this room and because this is a very small room, and as you can see every inch is used, storage and organization was a must!



The breakfront secretary cabinet was a $25 USD Craigslist find that I painted with MMS Linen and Luckett’s Green Milk Paints. It’s full of jars and baskets that hold bits and pieces, glue guns, hole punches, stickers, yarn and crap galore.


cr-jars 1

cr-jars 2



Even the top of this cabinet is used for storing driftwood finds.


The counter-height worktable is made from pallets and plywood. The pallet board shelf under the table holds a LOT of “stuff.” I recovered the seats of the four “box and assemble” stools with fabric I had on hand.





I wouldn’t normally use an ikat carpet in an art room – but it’s an old one I had. 😦 A spray painted Goodwill lazy Susan and repurposed tin cans hold small hand-held tools.



Repurposed pie tins and a rolling pin storage stand holds Washi tape and stamp blocks while an Atlas jar holds smaller wood stamps. The simple paint organizer shelf was made from left over pallet wood scraps and painted green.


cr-paintbin close


The easel was moved up from the garage to its new sunny corner.  A low paint storage/book shelf  holds larger paint pots, brushes, waxes, rollers, etc.  I re-used my daughter’s’ wicker clothes hamper to hold rolls of paper and yardsticks.





One of my favorite things

A “blind spot” pine bookshelf behind the door holds: seasonal ribbons and twine, potting tools, large woven baskets  and vintage picnic baskets  full of tools, mailing supplies and Etsy products and cardboard boxes and binders stuffed with photos, card stock and project plans.







I use the back of the door to hang sewing and other projects.


Modpodged vintage music sheet over plastic light switch plate

An old table, my grandfather’s 1940s army dresser painted a green milk paint wash and a sage cubby shelf comprise my shipping station. The shelf and drawers hold tape, labels and a calculator. The inspiration board is an old crib spring wrapped in muslin strips.


cr-crib close


Living and working so close to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, there are seashells and all over the house – even old crackly, chipped ones. I still have wood rulers from my early (early) school days.



The closet was turned into a small, but organized sewing nook. See-through baskets hold fabric, thread and scissors are organized and easily reached. Colorful ribbons, lace, rick-rack and button jars are displayed on a small shelf.  “Saw Man” wedded an antique sewing table to plywood to make a larger work space. I refinished and added a seat to the chair


Refinished and upholstered chair & converted antique sewing table



cr-button jars


Antique Sewing Table
Antique Sewing Table


Walls are decorated with family artwork and old window frames capture memories of yester-year.


So, that’s it for now.  I’m working on the windows – I have an idea that won’t block the sunlight. This is a dream come true for me. Sometimes I just  have to get what’s in my head out onto paper or hammer something. LOL. Even if I just sit in this space, I soak up sunlight , look around and smile.

I’m always fine-tuning, looking for better storage or organization solutions.  Have you carved out a creative space? I’d love to share ideas with you.

Have a good week! – – Joanne  

10 thoughts on “Craft Room -aka – Art Dream Workspace

  1. Oh so inspiring! I love this space. I love all the bits and bobs of inspiration. And good idea on the ribbon roll. Did you make it yourself in the bottom of that shelf? That’s something I lack and I’m inspired … I’ll let you know if I manage one of my own! And your antique baking pan for odds and ends, love.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments! I purchased the raw shelf from a thrift store, painted it and added a dowel rod. Seriously, it took all of 30 minutes to create. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

    1. I really need to update as I’ve cleared, re-arranged and added to this space since this posting. I am an admitted hoarder, love my “stuff.” Why not store or display it advantageously? 😀

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