Repurposed Jeans :: Child’s Paint/Craft Smock

jean apron - done 

 I can’t wait to give this to my little niece. I repurposed a pair of old jeans using a converted (Simplicity #1234) pattern into a cobbler-style paint smock.


1jean apron - pattern 

I cut off both legs.

2jean apron - cut off legs

The smock front is made from one leg; I slit the inseam. With the leg opened up, I pinned the pattern keeping the top-stitched seam in the center. The pattern was placed on the fold, so I had to flip it over before cutting.

 3jean apron - cut leg front

For the back, I used the other pants leg. Cutting along the top-stitched seam, I left a 1” (2.5 cm) seam allowance. Folding over and pinning the extra allowance under, I machined-hemmed the length so that the top-stitched edge was left intact.

 4jean apron - fld leg back


For the right side of the apron back I pinned the pattern along the newly turned-under top-stitched edge with the bottom touching the leg hem. The pattern calls or a hemmed curved bottom. Instead, I did not cut along the pattern, but left the jean’s original leg hem. Flipping the pattern over, I repeated the same steps to cut out the left side apron back.

 5jean apron - cut leg backs 

I cut bias tape from left over jean fabric. I sewed this to the neck, armhole edges and sewed two 12” (30 cm) lengths for the tie.

 6jean apron - back close up binding

The bottom hem is a little lop-sided, but I like the look

 7jean apron - sewn back

I cut the back pockets and small change pocket off and machine-stitched them to the apron front to hold art and craft supplies.

 8jean apron - sewn plain

I had to hand-tack the change pocket due to the rivets.

 9jean apron - pockets close up

So, what do you think of my repurposing project?

jean apron - done

Happy Holidays, Everyone!



Have a good week! – – Joanne


4 thoughts on “Repurposed Jeans :: Child’s Paint/Craft Smock

  1. Hi Joanne! I love everything denim and I think this is really clever. And just read how you transfered the pattern using waxed paper. I had heard something about using waxed paper, but I didn’t know it was that easy. I can’t wait to try that! I am just finishing up a blog post about making a stencil from a Graphic Fairy post. Joanne, it took be about 8 hours to cut it out with a stencil knife ….it was awful!
    Live and learn, huh?
    Ginene (a new follower)

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, Ginene. 🙂 Yep, it was much easier to use wax paper to transfer typography – just have to make sure it doesn’t slip during the transfer process. If it does, it will wipe off with a Q-tip and water.

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