Snow Day::Off Day::Yay! Day

It doesn’t take much to stall an area that has limited snow removal equipment. Sledding and bucket lists go hand-in-hand around here. 

snow day-yard2

To some, mostly north and west of the coast, snow is a dirty word.  It might seem ridiculous but announcements of  “2 inches accumulation” and “school closings” are music to the ears in our house. 🙂

(1 block from school)

Miss Phoebe Darling absolutely did NOT want to get up and go out into the bitter cold this morning. Not.Gonna’.Happen.


We all lazed about in comfy clothes, sipping cocoa, eating just-out-of-oven cookies enjoying this rare “snow day.” Two days ago, we were enjoying sunny warm weather outdoors. Huh? Go figure.

snow day-yard1

 As we rarely experience snow days off, I snapped a few images with my mobile. Don’t laugh! It is an exciting day.

snow day-birdhouse
Brrrrrrrr . . .

This will probably be the only Winter Storm we have for quite a while. We may even have another day off tomorrow due to icy road conditions. Ha-ha. Winter Storm 2014.

So how did you spend your day?

Have a good week! – – Joanne

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