DIY Bedside Table :: Sneak Peek

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Baby it’s COLD and SNOWY and ICY outside!

wp-snow day-birdbath

Last I checked I was living on the Virginia coast? Two snowfalls in two weeks. The good: the school snow days off has allowed me to work on a room that desperately needs updating. The bad: we’ll have to make up these days. 😦

tired. tired. tired.
tired. tired. tired.

This room begs for updated lighting, bedside tables, new scatter rugs, bedding and window treatments.


The first task, finding the right bedside table, proved a little harder than I thought.

But, finally after months searching I figured out what it was that I wanted. I want a combination of Ana White’s farm table plan . . . a green side table I saw on a Pinterest board . . .



. . . and a table I coveted during a visit to Anderson-Wright Rooms & Garden.


Saw Man helped me construct a “farm table-rustic table-wash table” bedside table:

back legs & frame
back legs & frame
side view with attached front & back legs
back & front leg frames attached; side view
wp-nstand-front frame-screws
front view with drawer opening
simple box frame drawer
simple box frame drawer
bottom shelf
bottom shelf

Honestly? The hardest part was making a final design decision. Using scrap pine pieces I already had and $35 USD worth of new pieces; this project took 2.5 hours to complete. It wasn’t hard, but it was nice to have two sets of hands. 


I like the simple farmhouse look. I like the rustic look. I like the idea of a tray. It’s in rough mode right now. I promise it’ll look 100 times better after I fill in the (too many) screw holes, sand, add hardware, stain and paint it; maybe even add a transfer. Stay tuned!!

UPDATE: DIY Farmhouse Table Done!

Have a good week! – – Joanne


6 thoughts on “DIY Bedside Table :: Sneak Peek

  1. That is a nice table. If I made that, it wouldn’t have taken 2.5 hours, it would have taken 2.5 weeks.
    I think it is a terrific design for next to a bed. I knock the plastic alarm clock off my bedside table a couple of times a week and I’m going to have to get duct tape soon to hold it together. In case you wonder why an antique dealer is using a plastic clock,I’ll tell you. This extremely annoying 2001 Timex alarm clock is the only one that can wake me up. Deciding what you are going to do with your lovely new table is going to be fun. Please keep us posted. It looks like something I would like.

  2. Ha-ha, I hear you. Always knocking something off our table, too. Definitely planning on a dark stain and paint. 🙂 BTW, there is an engraved brass plate with our wedding anniversary date on the frame with room for more names & dates. Our hope is that one day it’ll include names & dates of our great grand children.

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