Bedroom Revamp Plans

Another “snow day” has allowed me to continue working on my outdated, dark and not-so-large bedroom. While doing so, I don’t want to break the bank. It’s challenging but it is progressing.

tired. tired. tired.
tired. tired. tired.

Creative storage will include lidded baskets to hide all of that extraneous crap in our room, a DIY floordrobe wall hanger and possibly an over-the-door shelf. I know I can scrounge up a basket or two from around the house. I have scrap lumber and door knobs or hooks. I do like these and plan to sew similar pillowcases. One night stand completed; one left to build.

clockwise: basket, Pottery Barn; wall hanger, Pinterest; night stand, Joanne Inspired; pillowcases, Seabold Vintage Market


I’ve wanted a cotton matelassé and a patchwork quilt for ages. I found a vintage Queen Elizabeth matelassé at the Smithfield Antique Fair last weekend for a reasonable price. I m so stoked! So much that I *think* I can sew that quilt myself. Maybe. 😉

clockwise: Coastal Living; I Didn’t Say Banana; The Sometimes Crafter;


My inspiration is a variety of, yet similar “casual beach cottage farmhouse” styles.

inspirebed2The Lettered Cottage

inspirebed3Pottery Barn

inspirebed4Coastal Living

inspirebed5Cute Décor

inspirebed6The Painted Hive

inspirebed7House to Home

I still have a lot to do – just have to find the time. I really like checking items off my list: remove valances, patch nail holes, repair or replace wall sconces, matelassé,  quilt, pillowcases, storage baskets, paint walls, wardrobe, floordrobe wall hanger . . . the list goes on. Slowly, but surely!

Have a good week! – – Joanne

7 thoughts on “Bedroom Revamp Plans

  1. Hi Joanne,
    I like everyone one of your inspirational ideas in a big way. And those pillow cases, I want those so bad! That must have been from a posting before I started following your blog. If you ever go back and repost, I’d love to see that post.

    1. Ginene, I can’t take credit for the pillowcases. I found them on “Seabold Vintage Market.” Not sure if they are still available. I’m going to *try* to replicate the style. Wish me luck!

      1. I spend an hour seeing if I could find that fabric but no luck. I am assuming it is new fabric. Then I got the idea to look for vintage pillow ticking on French eBay. Interesting, but I didn’t see any with florals and stripes except one…and she doesn’t ship to the U.S.A. I just love those patterns together.

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