Jeans & Sheet Extenders = Stirrups for Boots

While it is always chilly during the annual Polar Plunge; this year was excruciatingly cold. Can you imagine jumping into the ocean? What absolutely brave, generous souls!



This winter has been miserable for so many. I spend a lot of time just trying to keep warm — which translates to: jeans, thick socks, boots, sweaters.

El Señor Puff watching the snow fall

El Señor Puff watching the snow fall

It was an idea I saw on Pinterest, use bed sheet extenders to keep my jeans tucked inside boots. Like home-made stirrup pants. While it did the job, it was really difficult to snap them onto thick jean material and rather uncomfortable inside my boot.

Ouch. No. I could feel the knobby metal hooks.

Ouch. No. Nope.


Think. Think. Think. They’d be perfect if there just wasn’t a hook. Duh. By cutting off the hook part and sewing each end to the inside hem, the dilemma was solved. 😀



Works like a charm! So here are the final images:



*Sigh* It was snowing. Again. So the lighting was a little too dark,sorry about that. But, I think you get the idea. 😉  Now I know that regular ol’ elastic would have worked but I already had these extenders left over from my daughter’s college days. It was either throw out or repurpose.

Have a good week! – – Joanne


2 thoughts on “Jeans & Sheet Extenders = Stirrups for Boots

  1. I’m so jealous that you get to wear cute boots! Living in the southern part of the US means I have only worn my boots 2 times in six years. 😦 What a great solution to keep your jeans tucked in! It brought back all of those memories of when stirrup pants were cool.

    • Hi Wendy! Isn’t this weather crazy? Coastal Virginia usually experiences mild winters. But this has been ridiculous. The upswing is that I have gotten a LOT of boot time in. 😉

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