Rental Renovation: Done!

How was your weekend? After finishing up (finally) our townhome reno we looked forward to a relaxing weekend. It has taken us a long time, it was a major undertaking.  Out with the brown carpet, dark-stained wood, vinyl flooring. In with fresh paint, wood and stone floors, roof, windows, vinyl siding, doors. The list goes on. I’m proud that we did most of the demo and work ourselves. We got us some skills! 😀 Sadly, I don’t have a lot of before photos.





Small Upstairs Bedroom
Small Upstairs Bedroom
Small Upstairs Bedroom, After
Small Upstairs Bedroom, After




Living Room – Dining Area Combo & (yuck) Brown Carpet



(Imagine Dark Green Wallpaper, Vinyl and Brown Cabinets)
(Imagine Dark Green Wallpaper, Vinyl and Brown Cabinets)


Back to the weekend fun . . . Friday began my Easter break from school with a walk over to the boardwalk to see the Wave Daze 2014 set up. People come from all over the world to participate. On Friday alone, there were 300+ jet skis or seadoos arriving on the scene. Some of the jet skis cost over $40,000. These guys are serious. Think motocross trick riding, but on the water. This year’s event benefitted the Virginia Beach Water Rescue Team.


Sunday was a beautiful spring morning to visit Williamsburg.

Everything is Blooming!

Seems everyone was out enjoying the day. I mean EVERYONE. Never understood the bottlenecks occurring at our tunnels. Regardless, we had a wonderful day!

This is us, sitting in traffic


And . . . lastly, I hope to be able to share with you a project that I’ve been working on for quite some time. I’ll leave you with a Sneak Peek:


Have a good week! – – Joanne





6 thoughts on “Rental Renovation: Done!

  1. I know how much work that is, Joanne. It looks great! Now to find some good reliable renters.
    With how fresh and inviting the house looks, you are sure to attract some good ones.
    Oh, that traffic, huh?

    1. Hi Ginene. As a matter of fact, a young family is interested in buying. Hopefully they’ll qualify. I know it is considered a mistake to be “emotionally invested,” but It would be nice to have a young family start out in the home – reminds me of when we were a new family just starting out. 🙂 ….And yes, we seem to have a lot of traffic here.

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