Best Laid Plans or Better Known As: Plan B

With the Townhouse Renovation complete we can focus on revamping our bedroom and replacing the family room carpet with hardwood flooring – Plan A. Ten years ago, we lightened up the room by replacing the sliding door with a wooden swing door and painting the paneled walls a buttery yellow. I dug around and found old images ( a little blurry).

Kitty Hawk Photobomb, 2003
In Progress, 2003. Saw Man asleep. Kitty Hawk Photobomb.

Over the last ten years we have acquired many pets – the first being our very spoiled Miss Phoebe Darling. It is time to replace the carpet. 😉

Miss Phoebe Darling, 9 Weeks Old. 2004
Miss Phoebe Darling, 9 Weeks Old. 2004

Plan A
Phase 1: Remove the wall-to-wall carpet. Put furniture back in place in time for Easter Sunday get-together at our home.
Phase 2: Remove built-in bookshelves. Install hardwood floor.
Phase 3: Build new built-ins. Paint. New area rug.
Phase 4: Bedroom.

Piece of Cake. Be Done in No Time!
Piece of Cake. Be Done in No Time!

The first half of the room went quickly. Yea! Wait. Hiccup. Say hello to our little friend . . . we had no idea. Our large couch was against this wall hiding any damage.

Whoa. Hiccup. WTH?
Whoa. Hiccup. WTH?

A peek behind the wood paneling revealed a leaky pipe . . . and it must have been leaking for quite some time. The wall and plywood subfloor will need to be replaced.

Just. Plain. Gross.
Just. Plain. Gross.

This was so not part of Plan A. Meh. So on to Plan B (and putting the bedroom on hold). If you’ve ever ran into bumps and hiccups in well laid plans you’ll appreciate the children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff. Look it up. You just gotta’ roll with it. 🙂 We’ll keep you posted.

Have you ever had to rethink or change-up your DIY plans?

Me. 10-Years Old. Baltimore Catechism. Mad Men.
Me. 10-Years Old. Baltimore Catechism. Mad Men.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter! — Joanne

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18 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans or Better Known As: Plan B

  1. Joanne,
    Love the Easter picture…and…I just had a week like this myself so I can relate.
    At least, Spring is arriving so work can be done with all the windows open.

    1. I am soooo ready for nice, warm weather. (I’ll have to remind myself of what I wished for when it’s unbearably hot, LOL). Hopefully, we’ll start on the wall this weekend.

  2. First step to solving the problem is identifying it so you’re well on you way. Love the picture from your catechism. Beautiful family!

    1. Absolutely! I am very glad we found this out now rather than later. Isn’t that photo funny? White gloves, socks and hats. 😀

      1. I love the style – such an effort. There is such a big thing in Irish culture to get dressed up for events esp Church related. Can’t wait for proper coats and gloves to be the ‘in’ thing again.

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