Family Room: New Wall, New Floor, Wine


Our home is in total chaos but, I feel ‘Pharrell happy!’ Open windows and fresh air, early morning birds and lawn mower buzz, barbecue smells wafting over the neighborhood . . .


As of this weekend, we covered the floor joists with plywood, the new pipes are better supported and wall insulation added. One of my favorite tools is my electric stapler. Love the sound: “Click-thump, Click-thump!” Although it’s not as nice as the original 1960s wood, we did manage to find the same pattern in MDF paneling at Lowes. With primer and paint it’ll blend right in.

Ha! Wine bottle photo bomb ;)
Ha! Wine bottle photo bomb 😉

It wasn’t all work this past weekend. We managed to fit in a ‘scrum-dilly-ump-tious’ breakfast at Cracker Barrel, plant a few annuals, barbecue two nights in a row and sip a little wine. We’re sore, a little sun burnt, tired but feeling very accomplished.

How was your weekend?

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Have a good week! – – Joanne

13 thoughts on “Family Room: New Wall, New Floor, Wine

  1. Joanne, that basket of flowers on the black door is FABULOUS! It reminds me of the attention people pay to the front door in England.
    You guys have the major part done in the family room…it will be great to put it back together. You’ve actually accomplished two goals: spring cleaning and fixing the leak.

    1. Ginene, I like black doors, too… now I’m noodling around in my brain if I want a different color for the front and side doors. (Ha! Always something). I am so-o-o glad to have the repair work done. Next, we have to remove the built-in shelving so that we can install hardwood flooring. I think our weekends are booked for some time to come 😉 It was nice to be able to purge: some books went to school, some to my grandson and the junk went out in the trash.

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