Budget White Kitchen Makeover – Part 1

We have a houseful at the moment, haven’t completed our family room or bedroom . . . Annnnd I’ve this brilliant idea to makeover a kitchen. My sister’s 1960 home needs a budget-friendly small kitchen makeover. I think I must work best under pressure. 😉 



brown drop in stove top & copper tile - gotta go!
brown drop in stove top & copper tile – gotta go!


brown wall oven - gone!
brown wall oven – gone!

portable dishwasher - gotta go!
portable dishwasher – gotta go!

The plan is to keep the original solid pine cabinets, extend counter space, add additional storage, add a new range and to brighten up the area. In other words: improve function, modernize and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye – and keep costs to the barest minimum.  We’ve browsed Pinterest, Houzz, DIY blogs and online stores for ideas and inspiration. My sister settled on a modern farmhouse white kitchen. Here are some of our inspiration ideas:

Modern Farmhouse White Kitchen Inspiration:

source: bhg.com

source: bhg.com
source: pretendfancy.blogspot.com
source: hookedonhouses.net
source: bhg.com




Storage Idea Inspiration:

source: interiorarchive.photoshelter.com
source: pinterest.com
source: christinasadventures.com


source: bhg.com



Lighting Inspiration:

Home Depot


Home Depot




Home Depot





We’ll demo and complete as much of the work as possible, ourselves. The budget will include a new cook range, constructed open cabinet/shelves, lighting, painted cabinets, laminate counter, tile back splash, flooring and a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls. Now that we’ve a plan; we need to roll up our sleeves, put on our work clothes and get started! Check back in a week or two to view our progress.


Have a good week! – – Joanne 

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8 thoughts on “Budget White Kitchen Makeover – Part 1

  1. Joanne~ This is going to be so much fun and your sister will appreciate your working with her. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do. The present kitchen is a blank canvas for a fabulous make-over. Wish I was working on that!

    1. Ginene, you are absolutely right. It was fun configuring how to re-use the original cabinets, add more storage and “hack” cool decor ideas on the cheap. Although there’s much more to do, it’s really starting to take shape and look like a functioning kitchen again.

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