Weekend Finds and A Little R& R

This summer, we have been very busy (see Budget White Kitchen Makeover or Bedroom Revamp). We’ve worked straight through June and July, throughout most week nights and on weekends. While my sister and I have the summer off, George does not. He even took his summer vacay week off to work on the kitchen. What a guy! 

Then, August was upon us before we knew it!  And, you know the saying, “All work and no play . . .” So-o-o, we decided it was definitely  time for a little R&R break. 🙂

A few restorative days at the beach were in order . . .

Hmmm, think I need a pedi!
Hmmm, think I need a pedi!


My Ah-Mazing Mom
My Ah-Mazing Mom ^ and Sistah >

Certainly needed to work in a little sight-seeing thrift-ing . . .

Quick! Know anyone who needs a leather topped mahogany table for only $49?

1940's mahogany table
1940-50’s mahogany table


Who couldn’t use a vintage wood ladder (or two)? 


Glass jars speak to me. Even vintage pickle jars. I envision a seashell collection inside. 

Ever since we started our bedroom revamp, I have fallen for vintage cotton linens.


And a nostalgic trip down memory lane . . .
Digging through loose photos packed in shoe boxes, I found two fuzzy photographs: my daughter and niece playing dress-up in my ruffled, stained 1980’s wedding gown. Got to love those 1980’s fashion mistakes.  

Ha! I certainly don’t remember being THAT thin. What ever happened? 😉  


Well, I feel rested and ready to complete that kitchen makeover tomorrow morning. Hope those who are now experiencing summer are able to take a little R&R break. If you’ve the time, please check back in a week or two to see our progress. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a good week! – – Joanne

3 thoughts on “Weekend Finds and A Little R& R

  1. Hi Joanne,
    Nice that the family went to the beach together. Those are some beautiful young ladies,too. I don’t think the 1980’s wedding dress was a mistake, they will be vintage 1980’s classics someday. I think that dress was pretty, but would you like to explain the stains? Were you partying pretty heavy at the wedding? I just love the pure cotton of days gone by, like the 1980’s dress we will never see it again, or the tatting and embroidery that women did. Such great quality.

    1. Hi Ginene,
      Oh yes, roaring good time, fond memories. My father and Cajun cousin prepared an outdoor Hawaiian/Cajun/Pig roast reception. And like all good Catholics, we partied into the wee hours. Hence, the grass stains – and any other stains. 🙂 But about the linens; I’m pretty hooked and always on the lookout for cotton and tatting pillow cases. They just don’t make pilow cases like they used to.

      1. I remember a few weddings like that myself, Joanne. Speaking about being a good Catholic…I remember my French Canadian and Irish Grandfather’s wake. All his French/Irish brothers and sisters and friends came from Canada and I saw what an Irish wake was like. That was so cool. The whiskey was flowing and all the people told stories about my grandfather. I saw him from a completely different viewpoint.

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