Easy DIY Necklace Holder

This is supposed to be a post about an easy DIY necklace holder. I digress:

I repeated last week’s agenda – spending another last few days before returning to school at the beach and thrifting. *sigh* Summer vacay is over already? I love my job. Buuuut, I really h.a.t.e. going back mid-August. What ever happened to returning to school after Labor Day?  I felt like I had to cram it all in. Hedonistic, I know.

A little surf and sun . . . I love our little beach, known to locals as Seashore State Park (now First Landing). While not a secluded beach, it’s definitely a retreat from the oceanfront crowds and noise. Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, it has calmer waters. It’s just a neat beach. My sister, niece (her friend) and I spent a lazy, sunny, balmy day at the beach.


jewelry hook - beach


A little crafting . . . Back to the necklace holder. Do your necklaces ever get as tangled and knotted as mine? Maybe because I hang them over my mirror? Since my bedroom is on the smaller side, I needed a wall-mounted holder. I used hooks and a piece of pallet wood left over from other projects (Easy Key Rack and Pallet Table).jewelry-right


It’s secured to the wall with picture frame saw tooth hangers. Such a little project, but a huge improvement.


Now, I won’t spend frustrated time trying to de-tangle my necklaces in my morning rush.  🙂 




A little thrifting . . . While winding my way through the West End Antique Mall in Richmond; I found a small 1840 mahogany three-over-four empire chest for my bedroom revamp. There is some minor chipping damage and I have to figure out how to remove a faint cigarette smell.  




It’s always a quandary for me: paint or not?  If I painted it; I’d probably use chalk paint – but what color? What would you do? I’m VERY open to suggestions.

Well, the par-tay is definitely over. Faculty and staff went back on Monday; students start this coming week. What do you want to bet that they’re as reluctant to put away their summer toys as I? 😉

Have a good week! – – Joanne 



9 thoughts on “Easy DIY Necklace Holder

  1. Joanne, When I looked at your photographs, I could smell that ocean air mixed with the smell of the water. That was lovely.
    I have to make the jewelry hooks…I have two tangled chains sitting top of the dresser and I don’t have time to stop and get the knot out of a thin gold one. I’ll do it!
    You know me, that is one piece I wouldn’t paint. It is so beautiful. If you could find and buy a jar of New Life Furniture Masque it would restore the luster, clean it and save this remarkable piece. That is a product museums use. The chips are just part of its long history.
    I which the school districts would go back to the Labor Day start date. Slowly, they move toward all year school. It just isn’t right!
    Your friend,

    1. Ginene, I’m going to try to find a jar of New Life Furniture Masque. Thanks for this suggestion! I should have just asked you. 🙂 BTW, it has a faint cigarette smoke smell. Do you know of any way to rid the smell from the wood? I looked online: vinegar, baking soda, mineral spirits. Everyone has an opinion. I’m afraid to make a decision -don’t want to ruin the wood.

      1. Hi Joanne,
        You know, I’ve been calling the New Life Co. on and off all day to buy some more myself and the phone was busy all day. It must be off the hook. They are really laid back down there and there isn’t always someone in the office. I know the New Life will take the smoke smell away on the outside. Basically what it does is take dirt and wax off.
        If you wash all the inside parts (not the outside) with Pinesol on a wrung out cloth and the piece still smells like smoke after it dries, I’d put a coat of Tung oil or a flat Varnish on all the inside parts…you know all the inside parts of the drawers and everything. I wouldn’t wipe the outside down with anything. I would be afraid to do that. Please let me know who it is going and if I can help in anyway just drop me a line.

      1. Tanya, never heard of this remedy – but I’m going to try it out. Maybe it’ll save my sanity 🙂 I’m hopping over to read about your shed project. – Joanne

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