Salvaged Shabby Wood Shelf

I wanted a shelf over my bed headboard; but nothing was inspiring me. Nothing! I was experiencing that dreaded, time consuming “I’ll know it when you see it” syndrome. I couldn’t find the right design, or wood or stain.


Well, it had been staring me in the eyes all summer. I had a “Duh” moment. Use some of the salvaged wood I had on hand! And . . . leave the wood as is: shabby, no added paint or stain.


It is a sickness, but I love to collect salvaged woods from furniture or building construction. I have quite a collection. I used two vintage window crowns and a buffet backboard piece left from our half bath remodel.


I planned to place the shelf high on the wall, so I used the most damaged piece – the light green window crown, minus the trim molding – as the shelf. One side has a few rough spotsΒ which look worse in the image than actually is. Only a 6’5″ person would be able see the damage. πŸ˜‰


Five screws secure the green wood to the white window crown. The stained backboard piece was secured with flat braces.


The only thing I had to purchase were the flat brackets. I love the combined woods and colors.


Don’t you just love it when it all comes together andΒ it costs almost nothing? .πŸ™‚
Have a good week! – – Joanne


7 thoughts on “Salvaged Shabby Wood Shelf

  1. Hey Joanne,
    I can never have too much salvaged parts around. I save everything from old furniture that has an interesting shape. The shelf you made for over the headboard is the perfect size and isn’t it great the way the white shells stand out against the dark wood. I think this is a terrific idea, to mix woods, The colors invite displays that will either coordinate with the three hues or will compliment them! Fabulous!

    1. What a nice compliment. Thank you, Ginene! I’ve been itching to use the buffet backboard piece for some time. We used most of the buffet as a half bath sink commode/cabinet. The removed top is in our garage, waiting, waiting, waiting. πŸ˜‰ I bet you’ve quite a collection in your store and in storage!

    1. Thank you, Tanya! Wait. What? Of course my bed is made up. I always make it before I leave for work. Always. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a great idea! !!!! This is something I can do for my quilts; screw in hooks under the shelf and still have a nice shelf for vignettes. I understand your feelings when you can’t find the “right” one. Great post! Thanks for the inspiration!

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