Removing Cigarette Smell from Wood Furniture

I found this American empire flame mahogany chest a few weeks ago – the perfect storage solution for our bedroom.  



Even with a few chips, dings and bruises I could tell it was well-made. The drawers are dove-tailed, hand-planed on the bottom and have original brass lock plates.




I assumed it was priced to sell due to the dings and scratches.  Eh. . . you know what they say about “assuming” 🙂  Once home, I detected a faint cigarette smoke smell.  I tried MANY online recipes for removing the smell from wood:


It was better, yet a faint smell persisted. I was frustrated.  You got to know when you are beat and ask for help. My friend, Ginene from over at  Fox and Finch Antiques  suggested Pinesol and  New Life Furniture Masque



After cleaning the interior of the chest with Pinesol and the exterior with New Life Furniture Masque; the chest was clean and the mellow luster restored. Most of the scratches are now gone. But, most important, it removed the smell! Thank you, thank you, Ginene!

New Life Furniture Masque restored much of the finish and smoothed out scratches – even the “R T’ engraved into the wood . . .



It smoothed out and lightened a water stain (or maybe a corrosive substance?) . . .



It shrunk the large imperfections and filled in little nicks . . .



It is a little darker in appearance now, but what an improvement!



I am so happy 🙂 with the results. After wiping the chest with the masque, I followed with a little New Life Wood Moisturizer.




I think the cute little three (over four) drawers sold me.  😉



Love my “new” chest!

Have a good week! – – Joanne



4 thoughts on “Removing Cigarette Smell from Wood Furniture

  1. Joanne,
    I think that is one FABULOUS antique chest of drawers. I have never found anything handmade that comes close to that age. You found a real treasure and proved that you have a tremendous eye for good design and quality antiques.

    1. Thanks, Ginene. My initial happiness was marred with the smell. But thanks to your suggestion, I am so very happy. I’m not sure if I have an eye for a good piece – it was the price tag that caught my attention 😉 i do love me a bargain.

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