From Old Door To Headboard


George gamely hung with the 3 ‘sistas’ this weekend. Having recently moved in to her new home; the plan was to help Laurel decorate, outfit a guest room and to construct a headboard from an old door.  
First, George hung antique stained glass windows that fit perfectly in her three front windows.


While he was busy, Glenn and I rummaged through boxes, re-arranged furniture and added decorative touches to the guest room.



That was AFTER I knocked over a full can of soda. Across the room, down the wall, under the dresser.  😦



Meanwhile, Laurel scrubbed clean the antique wooden six-panel door.


After a quick lunch, all of us commenced on The Headboard.


  • 30 x 70″ wood six-panel door
  • 70-inch length crown molding 
  • 60-inch length 1×2 pine board
  • 70-inch length 1×6 pine board
  • 3) 60-inch length 2×4 pine boards
  • drill
  • skill saw
  • hammer
  • screws, nails
  • paint & brush

To determine the height of the legs/supports, we took two measurements:
-Height from floor to top of the mattress = 30 inches
-Height of mattress + door width = 60 inches

We had three 2×6 pine 60-inch lengths. We cut one in-half (two 30-inch lengths) and screwed each of the halves to one of the remaining two 60-inch 2×6″ boards.


The legs were attached to the back of the door with wood screws.
The door sits on the shorter support piece. These old wood doors are heavy!

We attached two 30-inch long pine 1×2 strips to each end of the door. This makes the depth of the door appear wider and it hides the leg supports.


Crown molding and a 1×6 pine ledge were attached to top of the new headboard.


You can add a paint technique or stain or leave the door as is. We lightly brushed on chalk paint made from a mixture of blue-hued paints left over from other projects. 



We drilled holes and bolted the “new” headboard to the metal mattress frame.

Project Breakdown:

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Time Commitment: 2.5 hours (not including drying time)
  • Cost: The total cost was just $70.00! ($35.00 for the door + $35.00 for wood)
  • Tip: You could skip adding legs all together and save expense by simply attaching the headboard to the wall with French cleats.

My 100th Post! Have a good week! – – Joanne

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2 thoughts on “From Old Door To Headboard

  1. This is a great tutorial and I think I’ll print it out for when I have customers that buy a door to use as a headboard. Finishing it professionally with the trim on top is definitely the best way to do this. Thank you, Joanne! I bet you were feeling a bit bad when the soda spilled in someone elses house. We’ve ALL done it. Tonight, a big wooden cabinet I installed myself in the bathroom came down (after 10 years). It was filled with shampoo, “product”, lotion, perfume, first aid things, etc., etc. Guess which bottle lost its top and went all over everything. A big size bottle of sunless-tanning lotion! What a mess! So, don’t feel too bad about the soda…it could have been worse, I guess, right?

  2. Oh my! LOL. I think you win, Ginene. But, I’m running a close second: would you believe that I did it AGAIN? I knocked over a glass of soda in the living room. I think it’s time to stop drinking soda! 😉 Thank you for the kind compliment. It was a fun project.

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