Architectural Salvage :: Wall Art 2


My daughter, Brianne wanted to create a salvaged bullseye wall art similar to a multi-colored one I made a few years ago.


This called for a day-trip to Caravati’s Architectural Salvage warehouse. We rummaged  through 1000’s of bullseyes, looking for mostly white. 

Once home, Brianne scrubbed clean 16 bullseye blocks and re-arranged them until she found a pleasing 4×4 block square.


A thin sheet of plywood was cut for the backing. Two screws went into the back of each bullseye. Since this is a heavy piece we used 30-pound picture wire and added bumpers to the bottom.


Placed together, different hues of white become a variety of undertones and tints. 


Throw in a little bit of green and blue surprise for interest.


Looks good upon my wall; but I know Brianne has other plans 😉  



These salvaged pieces have a new purpose and home. 🙂

Have a good week! – – Joanne

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2 thoughts on “Architectural Salvage :: Wall Art 2

    1. Ginene,
      I can’t take credit for the idea. I saw it in an Coastal Living House a few years ago in East Beach Norfolk, Virginia. The original was hung in a square shape. It must have had 100 bullseye pieces. It was awesome hanging high up on a cathedral ceiling wall. I adapted the design to fit my puny wall hung in a diamond shape. 🙂

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