Getting Downright Dirty

My family is nuts. NUTS! My daughters, son-in-law, grandson, sister, nephews and niece banded together and participated in the Dirty Dash over the weekend.  I, on the other hand, watched from afar on a hillside. I’m the sane one. But, regardless of my (saner) feelings, they had such a blast and plan to run again next year 🙂



There is a reason it’s called “Dirty.” I’ll let the photos tell the story . . . 
























Yep. Nuts.

Have a good (and clean) week! – – Joanne

2 thoughts on “Getting Downright Dirty

  1. Joanne,
    I heard about this new social phenomenon just last summer. They have one for men and one for women (I heard it is Marine boot camp tough.) in Richmond and thousands of people came to watch. I would have been with you watching on the hill. I went to Catholic grade school and we didn’t have physical education. When I got to high school and was presented with a very imposing phy ed teacher who barked at me to shimmy up a rope, I looked at her in utter disbelief. Same teacher, a month later, told me dive off the diving board into the pool. We didn’t really see eye to eye. I was convinced she was trying to kill me and she thought I was a complete whimp. At that point, she suggested that I join Modified Phy Ed and I happily danced the next four years by in Modern Dance class. Your family certainly has the courage to test their limits. Bravo!

    1. Oh, Ginene! You certainly made me laugh. Those were the good ‘ol days in our ugly gym suits. Everyone met back at our home to eat take out and discuss plans for the next run. I told them to include lawn chairs, a cooler and wine for the old folks who plan to resume their place upon the hill.

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