Bedroom Revamp Reveal

Finally!  Our bedroom revamp is a reality! I’m still looking for door hooks and one chest needs a few replacement knobs. But, basically we are d.o.n.e! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to take a look.



Subtle blues, greens, whites and browns. Very soothing and relaxing.


A white cotton matelassé found at an antique fair was our starting point. We got to chatting with the owners and were invited to visit their American Gothic home where they store their wares. How cool is that? I did go and bought another bedspread!   



What I’d describe as a labor of love and hate; I chose complimentary fabrics and sewed my first quilt.  😉  I’ve enough confidence now, that  am ready to begin on a TV lap quilt for my grandson. 


Making the simple muslin tie-up shades was a super easy and quick sewing project that helped to use up the bolt of muslin left from my daughter’s and son-in-law’s wedding


George’s loose change is now corralled instead of all over the night stand. 


I found the perfect American empire flame mahogany chest.  I requisitioned and refashioned the dark, heavy curvy swivel stand mirror from George’s empire chest to hang above the chest on the wall.



Organization and storage are necessities in a small bedroom. Baskets are put to use for storage and laundry. Once tangled necklaces now hang on this DIY necklace holder. . . . 



Bracelets are stored loosely in a vintage  ceramic pot. . . .



A small bird feeder dish offers a quick drop-off point for earrings and tidbits at the end of the day.


One of my favorite projects was the salvaged wood wall shelf above the headboard.  


George and I tweaked Ana White plans and made two farmhouse-inspired night stands. They are basically the same, but with different tops. 


(summer image – before reveal)


Just a little reminder of what it all looked like “before.” Gah! Very dark. Yuck.


one of our bedrooms,  2006

And how it looks now. So happy!


I was determined that this re-vamp would not break the bank. We re-used, re-fashioned or made where we could. But, we did purchase a few things. I looked for “promo codes” and sales. Not including time and labor, the total cost for this bedroom revamp was $309.00 USD. So, if you are not in a hurry, you stand a good chance of finding great bargains. 

Paint: Behr Silver Sage (walls), Behr White Linen (woodwork)

Pillows, Woven Laundry Basket, Woven Lidded Basket: Home Goods

Metalassé Bedspread: Antique Fair

Tie-Up Shades, Quilt: Handmade

Apothecary Lamps: Lowes

Floor Runners (re-used): Home Depot

Brass & Iron Bed (re-used): Virginia Brass Beds

Have a good week! – – Joanne


4 thoughts on “Bedroom Revamp Reveal

  1. Very restful and tranquil. Love the light that comes through muslin. I still can’t get over that you made the quilt. I can hardly make supper. The crucifix over the door is a family tradition in my family, too. I just bought a box of old net curtains that laundered nicely, but now I’d rather have muslin! I like this simple window treatment. What you did with the mirror was brilliant and it’s curves balance the squares of a room. I have a white cat and a tiger cat. Never had a cat with so much white before and I’m loving that her fur doesn’t show up like the tiger cat’s fur. Every three days I have to clean all the floors or else it looks like I haven’t used the vacuum in a month. It’s a full time job!

    1. Ginene, thank you for all of the kind words! My girls picked 4-week-old, all black, sister twin kittens years ago from the ASPCA. Crystal lived 15 years, Kitty Hawk for 18. The best cats ever. Never noticed fur, stayed off kitchen table & counters (the girls gleefully “trained” them with super soakers). The white cat we have now, Señor Puff, is an immigrant from Sevilla, Spain. Long story. Neurotic cat. A story I plan to tell one day. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful makeover! I had that same floral quilt for a long time, and absolutely loved it! I love your bird hook that you made! I’m also eyeing your curtains – they don’t look difficult to make but provide for a lovely look.

    1. Thank you for visiting and the compliments, Shannon! The bird on the necklace hook once graced my grandfather’s (broken) cuckoo clock. The tie-up shades are sooo easy. Now that you’ve earned your doctorate, you’ve got plenty of time to sew. Right? 😉

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