Goodbye 2014 :: Welcome 2015

Happy New Year! We’ve been enjoying a long and lazy holiday break. I finished my last project for the year just in time for Christmas: 16 quilted table runners for family and friends.

Quilted Table Runner
Quilted Table Runner

Over the past year, George and I learned a lot of new tricks and techniques, received much appreciated advice and made a few friends while doing what we love: creating, building and crafting. I am honored to share a few of my favorite blogs with you; knowing you’ll find something to enjoy from their posts as much as I: Fox and Finch Antiques, Hello, Scarlet, and Ol’ Perly Jenkins.

I look forward to attempting new projects this new year. I did not realize how “crafty busy” we had been until I looked back over 2014. Indulge me as I share a few with you:


Well, I have three, actually 😉

Salvaged Wood Shelf
Salvaged Wood Shelf
DIY Farmhouse Night Stand
DIY Farmhouse Night Stand
Architectural Wall Art


By far, the easiest project!

DIY Necklace Holder


Though, not a 2014 project, this was the most viewed one for the year.

Pallet Kitchen Island/Work Table

Anyone see a pattern here? I guess we like creating with wood. 🙂 I’d love to know your favorite 2014 post or project.

Here’s to a fantabulous New Year to you and yours! – – Joanne


6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014 :: Welcome 2015

    1. Thank you, Laura! I learned a lot about quilting by making the table runners… Baby steps, right? 🙂 I see you’ve been a busy girl this past year, too. Here’s to more adventures in 2015!

  1. Joanne, you doll! I was so surprised to see my name on your post. Isn’t the best part of blogging the real and tangible connections we’ve made with new friends? I was still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that you made 16 wonderful table runners as Christmas gifts when I saw Fox and Finch written, so this post was like a present for me. You are amazing. I used to joke with the principal. during the years that I worked as a school secretary, that it was good thing that a break had arrived or I would have to quit. Then I would get rested up and jump back in. Loved that job and you, too!

    1. Happy New Year, Ginene! Of course your blog is a favorite: eloquently written, beautiful images, great advice. Blogging has certainly allowed me to appreciate differences and made my world a little flatter. Heres to a prosperous, happy & healthy 2015!

    1. Thank you, it’s nice to get a compliment from an accomplished sewer as yourself! I found quite a few future projects as I visited and roamed around your blog. 🙂

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