Quilt #3 :: Modern Log Cabin

I’m continuing my quilting education; just finished #3! Using large-sized blocks helped to make this basic modern log cabin quilt come together quickly and rather easily.


I cut out strip pieces one evening and started sewing the next. All in all, it took about two and half weeks to complete. It really was THAT easy of a pattern.

quilt 2
I’ve included the cuts of fabrics below, but I find that I rather determine the finished size as I work. So the list is actually an estimate.



Fabric Cuts:

  • (1)  20 – 4”x4” white
  • (1)  20 – 4”x4” assorted fabric strips
  • (2)  40 – 4”x4” assorted fabric strips
  • (3)  20 – 4”x12” assorted fabric strips
  • (4)  25 – 4”x12” white strips
  • (5)  3”x55” white strips (approx.)
  • twin size batting
  • 2.5 yds. backing fabric



I’m already planning my next quilting project (sickness?). Bu-u-t, I need to do a holiday clean up, catch up at work and paint trim work in the family room. Wants v. Needs. 🙂

Have a good week! – – Joanne










2 thoughts on “Quilt #3 :: Modern Log Cabin

  1. Joanne,
    I admire the way you chose the colors for this fantastically-happy and cheerful quilt. The other thing I noticed is that you carried the blocks over to the back. Was that done so when it is turned down the pattern would show? I think that is very creative.

    1. Thank you, Ginene. I am enjoying learning about modern quilting. I am drawn to the world of pattern and color. Instead of a “plain” backing, I like to carry a little of the front design to the back of the quilts. I’ve started on my fourth – a chevron design. This pattern is a little more daunting for me – let’s see how long this one takes to complete. 😉

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