Tiny Log Cabin

Whether an advocate of downsizing, green living or just looking for a simpler way; there is a real interest in tiny homes.  George and I got a little taste of tiny as we were my sister’s guests to a teeny tiny log cabin near Crabtree Falls, Virginia in the George Washington National Forest.


cabin 1




The home, originally built around 1800 by one of Thomas Jefferson’s nephews, is an authentic Appalachian log cabin.


The cabin has been updated with a sleeping loft, kitchenette, bathroom and a gas stove placed over the original stone hearth for heat. There was no TV, internet or cell service. Forget GPS.






While appreciative of the movement, I can’t imagine a family living in such a tiny cabin. Creative storage would be a building plan must. Privacy issues need to be addressed. 

pull stair curtain closed for bathing privacy
pull stair curtain closed for privacy – yep, that’s a toilet on the other side of the wall


Living tiny for two days, very close to the Appalachian Trail, was absolutely beautiful and relaxing: crisp cold air, fresh snow, hiking trails, the sounds of the Tye River and Waterfall and cozy conversation by the fire.


I’m not sure if I could down-size at this point in my life 🙂 Do you think you could live or raise a family in such a small space? It’s certainly an interesting concept.


 I hope to upload the hiking, river and waterfall images soon! 

Have a good week! – – Joanne


6 thoughts on “Tiny Log Cabin

  1. Joanne, That cabin is darling. I think I could live in it…for awhile. I’ve never forgotten being in the cabin A.Lincoln was born in. I couldn’t stand up!

    1. Ginene, Sounds funny that you couldn’t stand up in a cabin that 6’4″ Abe Lincoln lived in. 🙂 American history may be short, but I find it amazing that these wooden structures have lasted as long as they have. Those early settlers and pioneers really knew what they were doing. Puts today’s building standards to shame.

    1. Haha. It was rather cool – even with the gas stove. Yes, I think a log cabin quilt would be very appropriate in this tiny home.

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