Crabtree Falls Under March Snow

Isn’t spring great? We just returned from a trip to northern Virginia to visit Old Lucketts Store. Yep, THAT Lucketts you’ve seen in Country Living, Flea Market Decor and Southern Living magazines. But, I wanted to share a few end-of-March photos from our recent stay in a tiny log cabin – which was precipitated by my sister’s desire for sunrise photographs of Crabtree Falls located in the George Washington National Forest, just after a snowfall. 

CRabtree Falls is somewhere up there!
Crabtree Falls is up there somewhere!

Crabtree Falls is considered the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi. We made the vertical climb in the summer heat, with multiple breaks to catch our breath about two years ago.

Crabtree Falls in the Summer
One of the five cascades at Crabtree Falls in the summer



Stairway to Heaven



Unfortunately, about two dozen deaths attributed to climbing on the rocks


Frozen Falls
Frozen Falls



Covered by snow, the trail was barely visible. I opted for sleeping in under a cozy quilt and warm pastry back at the cabin 🙂  while my intrepid sister forged on. 


I’ll share our Lucketts Store trip photos soon, so check back when you can. Have a good week ! – – Joanne

4 thoughts on “Crabtree Falls Under March Snow

    1. It’s hard to believe that it was a little over 3 weeks ago. Today was jut as lovely at 70 degrees as our school participated in the annual Mile Run on the boardwalk. 🙂

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