Quilt #5 :: Scrappy 16-Patch Snowball

Laurel, Glenn & Barbies, 1970-ish

My two sisters are similar, yet different. Naturally, the quilts I’ll make for each should be just so. My fifth quilt, a scrappy 16-patch snowball is for Laurel, the middle sista. 🙂  The blocks, binding and some of the backing are from scraps left from previous projects. I also used Kona Solid White and Michael Miller Kiss Dot Fog for the front border and back. I purchased the batting using a 50% off coupon.  Love saving $

16-Patch Snowball




 This was a fun quilt to sew. I think I like scrappy quilts so much because I love color and using leftover fabric so it doesn’t go to waste. George and I are just back from staying at my parent’s home in Nags Head (the North Carolina Outer Banks). I’ll share some images soon.

Have a good week! — Joanne

5 thoughts on “Quilt #5 :: Scrappy 16-Patch Snowball

  1. Oh, Joanne, this is wonderful. I love the American traditional mixed with the new design elements and this one holds the best of both worlds. The quilting pattern is a beautiful addition to the design. Lucky sister! I would tell your sister that it is the scrappy happy quilt and I bet she will have happy dreams underneath it.

    1. Ha! Ginene, I like that: Scrappy happy quilt. I’m a novice, but with each quilt I learn something new. Thank you for the compliment!

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