Quilt #6: Scrappy 16-Patch Sawtooth Quilt

In continuing with the plan to sew quilts for my two similar, yet different sisters, (Scrappy 16-Patch Snowball Quilt) I’ve completed a scrappy 16-patch sawtooth for Glenn, sista #2. 🙂  I used scrap fabrics continuing the saving $ love! For the backing, I used Robert Kaufman Squiggle, Michael Miller Kiss Dot Fog and Moda Tiny Dots White/Gray. I had the batting left over from the first quilt.   

Scrappy 16-Patch Sawtooth
Scrappy 16-Patch Sawtooth
16-Patch Sawtooth
16-Patch Sawtooth – — Back with Signature Block

I had fun continuing to learn squiggly “stipple” quilting. Not perfect, but getting better at it.


After sewing for my sisters, I think I’m really digging ‘scrappy’ quilts.  

Have a good week! – – Joanne


6 thoughts on “Quilt #6: Scrappy 16-Patch Sawtooth Quilt

  1. Joanne, I am in awe. The texture created by the quilting pattern, the sawbuck pattern and fabric choices and signing the back in such an artistic and classy manner. You are an artist and a craftswoman in the highest sense of the word.

  2. OMG! That is gorgeous! I love the back of it, too! I dabble in sewing and embroidery, but I have never quilted before, and I admire your skill so much!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! Quilting is becoming quite addicting, LOL. I think the trick (for me) is that I stumbled upon the “modern quilting” style and that I could only quilt as long as it is fun.

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