Tin Buttons

A couple of years ago, I opened up a little vintage and collectibles etsy shop, tin buttons. An art education degree and an ISTE Capstone certification (international society for technology in education) has certainly helped with the online business learning curve.   

2015-09-21 13.41.34-1

Constantly with my head in the proverbial clouds, imagining, creating; I’ve decided put my love of color and sewing to use by including hand-created wares, mainly quilts, on tin buttons. 


Oh, the planning and preparation! I’m trying to figure out facebook and instagram in order to reach a wider audience. LOL.  I’m starting out slow, toe-testing the waters. doll quiltAlways looking for ways to improve; I’d be very honored if you’d visit my shop to view my hand-created wares and let me now your opinion.


Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you on facebook or instagram! Wish me luck!

Have a good week!! — Joanne

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