2015: A Pretty Good Year Afterall


2015. Hmmm. . .  It started with snow. A lot. We played rustic in a tiny cabin. In more snow. 🙂  My family was healthy. George retired. Summer was idyllic. I learned how to preserve blueberries. Concerned about cut-backs at work, I promoted an online shop featuring quilts and assorted vintage collectibles. Even with some fantastically hectic days, I was able to fulfill holiday orders on time. I acquired a new past-time; walking through a nearby maritime forest, which has proven to be quite restorative from the weekday rush.  All in all, it was a good year. . . And it ended with humid, 80°F (27°C) weather. The botanicals are very confused.

My 2015 year in photo review:

cabin 1
Crabtree Falls, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia


First Landing State Park, Virginia on Chesapeake Bay
Yum. Blueberry Preserves
2015-09-21 13.41.34-1
Designer Fabrics. Getting Prepared for Online Shop.
First Landing State Park. Maritime Forest. Virginia

2016?  It’s starting out to be a very good year, too. My oldest, a childhood cancer survivor, just celebrated another birth year on Earth. 

A Piece of My Heart.

Wishing All a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!  – – Joanne




5 thoughts on “2015: A Pretty Good Year Afterall

  1. Hi Joanne,
    I didn’t know you had an Etsy shop! I’ve sold on eBay for years…now I’m wondering if I should do Etsy or Ruby Lane. I think I’m going to do Ruby Lane. Anyway, you know that cute wooden shelf with the scallops that you have? I saw a woman on a blog today who took one that was very close to that one (but not as nice as yours), put a piece of trim along the edge of the shelf and used it in the kitchen to hold her cell-phone or tablet when she is following a recipe. She painted it Coral color; it was super cute. She put the charger in the drawer.
    Well, that blueberry jam looks delicious. The taste of summer.

  2. HI Ginene, Yep. I opened a little etsy shop. I admire those (like yourself) that manage onsite businesses. This tiny venture was a huge learning curve for me. I think Ruby Lane would be an excellent choice for antique items. I’ll have to put your suggestion idea in the item description for that scalloped shelf. 😉 As for the blueberry preserves – it’s pretty tasty if I say so myself!
    Hope your new year is happy, healthy and prosperous, Ginene!

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