Crabtree Falls and the Brew Ridge Parkway

A much needed sojourn to the Blue Ridge Mountains was in order. Three days with no real plans – no internet and no mobiles – but pack extra quilts and plenty of wine and cheese. 🙂 A last Winter hurrah. 

Day 1: Arriving in the afternoon, we puttered around the cabin located next to the rumbling Tye River. Dinner was a steaming pot of chili and cornbread washed down with 3-Buck Chuck wine and Coors beer while settling in with a Harry Potter DVD marathon.

Tye River. © 2016 AccuWeather.
Tye River. © 2016 AccuWeather.

Day 2: After a hardy breakfast a beautiful day was spent trekking up Crabtree Falls, finding evidence of ice and snow slush near the top. The falls are simply beautiful, but it was nice to come back to the cabin to the smell of slow cooker chicken fajitas after our 3-hour hike. It was unanimously decided: one should not eat Mexican without the compliment of margaritas.

Somber Warning
Somber Warning
My sister & Friend

Day 3: We hit the Brew Ridge Trail after consuming a late French toast brunch. Devil’s Backbone and Wild Wolf Brewing Companies were the day’s favorites. The brisk outdoor atmosphere, the smoky smell of brisket and fire pits made DB my personal favorite.  While the flight decks and brisket nachos at WW made my sister and George quite happy.

CrabtreeFalks_2016-fire pit
Toasty Toasts!

IMG_2075 (1)

Wild Wolf Flight Deck
Wild Wolf Flight Deck


Tuesday found us back to our realities; a prosecutor, a victim’s advocate, a retiree and teacher. Back to 5:30 am mornings and schedules. But it sure was fun while it lasted! Hmmm. Now where to go in the Spring? 
Have a good week! – – Joanne 


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