Bannon O’Doul



Loyal friend.  Defender of the backyard. Charmer. Tag and tug of war playmate. Stalwart cancer care giver.  Jester. Green bean aficionado. Snoring champion. Enemy of squirrels. A gentleman.

Dearly missed. 


10 thoughts on “Douley

  1. He was such a good boy. It was so unexpected, so sudden. I am finding it hard to believe, I still expect to see him running in the yard.

  2. Oh, Joanne, I am heart-broken for you. What a sweet-sweetheart. I look at his face and am choked up for you.
    Joanne, I haven’t received your posts for ages nor am I receiving Derrick Knights. I don’t understand that. And, now I come see why you haven’t posted for awhile, but you have been. And, you’ve lost your boy….I’m so sorry they don’t live forever. They should. It would be a better world.

    1. Hi Ginene. You are right that I haven’t posted much this winter (January, March & April). I have no excuses, just everyday life interfered. Our Douley. He was born on an Easter Sunday, had his 9th birthday this April. He had a good annual checkup a month ago, feisty and silly as ever. Evidently rare for dogs, he passed within minutes of a massive heart attack, For that I am grateful. Our other Boston, Phoebe, keeps looking for her playmate. It’s silly, but I forget for a few seconds and look for him to greet me when I open the back gate after work. He was a good boy. Thanks

      1. Joanne, I am not receiving your blog any longer and that is what I can’t figure out because it is one of my favorites. I came over to see what you’ve been doing when when I read about Douley. My Savannah, who lived with my wonderful sister, died of what I think was a heart attack, too. She was only six. I know what a shock it is when they are suddenly gone. I didn’t open my shop that day, I was so shocked and the loss, of course. I expect you will hear him for a long time. It is a strange way our minds work. Like I thought I kept seeing my dad on a street corner or in a crowd or a man walking down the street. My sister has Bostons so I know they are full of personality. I saw the video you made of the day of the newspaper attack. So cute. One day, I came down into the shop and my kitten had found a spool of string and the complete floor of the shop looked like a giant spider web. The string was wrapped around every chair and table leg in an elaborate unplanned design.
        Let me know if you get a giant ball of string wrapped up for the fireplace!

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